Steak Restaurant Promotional A4 Flyer

An announcement from Canva: This premium Norton’s Prime Steaks Poster slash advert promises to deliver, the same way you—food industry mogul, restaurant owner, hotel owner, cattle ranch owner—promise to deliver your five star brand of services!

For this meaty design, we did away with close up shots of greasy cuts of actual meat—we believe that with the right combination of minimal graphics and color, we could get the message through just the same way. We went for a maroon background, the only throwaway to any meat lover’s favorite sight, and used bold, customizable white typography, along with the logo of a brown cow. The finished design gives off a classic old-west feel, with a modern, classy twist. This ad design template also looks great customized to fit other themes; you need only switch up the colors, typography, even put in your own logo! You could stick with the prime steaks advertisement like this one, or go with a minimalist vegan-themed poster, or a seafood buffet—the possibilities are endless!

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