Turquoise Modern Infographic Resume

Turquoise will stand out next to the boring resume colors in a recruiter’s inbox. Use this modern, Canva-made design to catch attention. The infographics to display your skills aren’t just interesting, they’re original as well. You can personalize the resume by picking out other icons or graphs to represent your strengths. Choose your favorites from Canva’s huge media library and drag and drop them into the layout. If you want to use a more dynamic font, scroll through our many options and select your favorites. Once the resume captures who you are, save and email to your dream company.

Commuter Infographic
Flat Illustration Infographic
Simple Red Infographic
Pitch Deck Slides Business Infographic
Creating Shirts Infographic
Infographic Resume
Visual Content Marketing infographic
Turquoise Icons Process Infographic
Literature Comparison Infographic
colorful infographic resume
Educational Healthy Lifestyle Infographic
Grayscale Boots Photo Infographic
Simple Aqua Infographic Resume
Tree Planting Infographic
Design Process Infographic
Brown Photo Infographic Resume
Rosewood Modern Infographic Resume
Mint Green Infographic Resume
Modern Infographic Resume
Aqua Modern Infographic Resume
Classic Gold and Black Infographic
Ocean Trash Breakdown Infographic
Pink Colorful Infographic Resume
Greyscale Photo Infographic Resume
Green Modern Process Infographic
Purple Green Infographic Resume
Blue Minimal Infographic Resume
Blue Purple Cartoonist Infographic Resume
Photo Architecture Modern Infographic Resume
Blue Icons Infographic Resume
Purple Modern Infographic Resume
Black Icons Process Infographic
Pink and Purple Infographic Resume
Monochromatic Blue Modern Infographic Resume
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