Modern Infographic Resume

Looking to impress for the next time you send out a job application? Allow Canva to assist you with an intriguing resume template like this. Instead of flashing your hopefully next employers with just chunks of text, infographics present your areas of expertise in a more creative way.

Choose from the variety of icons in stock and add in your photo and information. Our user-friendly program enables you to organize the layout according to your preference too. When you’re done, save the file and print or send out through email!

Solar System Statistics Infographic
Colorful Career Timeline Infographic
Lean Manufacturing Infographic
Marine Conservation Sea Turtle Infographic
Human Anatomy Infographic
Pitch Deck Slides Business Infographic
Simple Red Infographic
Creating Shirts Infographic
Flat Illustration Infographic
Visual Content Marketing infographic
Infographic Resume
Simple Aqua Infographic Resume
Brown Photo Infographic Resume
Turquoise Modern Infographic Resume
Classic Gold and Black Infographic
colorful infographic resume
Pink Colorful Infographic Resume
Greyscale Photo Infographic Resume
Blue Icons Infographic Resume
Turquoise Icons Process Infographic
Purple Green Infographic Resume
Rosewood Modern Infographic Resume
Commuter Infographic
Aqua Modern Infographic Resume
Turquoise Orange Profile Infographic Resume
Mint Green Infographic Resume
Purple Modern Infographic Resume
Blue Purple Cartoonist Infographic Resume
Yellow Illustrated Process Infographic
Green Modern Process Infographic
Blue Minimal Infographic Resume
Blue and Orange Infographic Resume
Pink and Purple Infographic Resume
Dark Infographic and Timeline Photo Resume
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