Design Studio Logo

Exude style and professionalism with a well-designed minimalist logo for your business. The clean and polished look stems from the classic typeface and the neutral colors, along with a simple, yet eye-catching illustration of a pencil positioned beside the text. Ideal for any design studio, this cute, attractive logo will definitely come in handy. The best part is, you can switch up the look to suit your preferences through Canva’s handy editing tools which includes a massive media library of elements.

Black and White Gallery Art & Design Logo
Teal and Orange Boxes Art & Design Logo
Colorful Shapes Art & Design Logo
Orange Modern Photography Art & Design Logo
Yellow and Black Minimalist Art & Design Logo
Beige Simple Bordered Art & Design Logo
Black and Yellow Typographic Art & Design Logo
Red and Gray Minimalist Art & Design Logo
Gradient Purple and Yellow Art & Design Logo
Simple Green Tree Art & Design Logo
White and Green Circle Art & Design Logo
Pink Stair Icon Art & Design Logo
Pink and Blue Box Art & Design Logo
Blue and Red Circles Art & Design Logo
Cream and Green Circles Art & Design Logo
Black and White with Cross Icon Art & Design Logo
Brown Art Deco Business Logo
White and Red Circle Art Logo
White and Black Square Art Logo
Red Logo Text Interior Design Business Card
Red and Orange Shape Logo
Peach Simple Art & Design Logo
Clean Modern Arts Crafts Etsy Shop Icon
Grey Modern Simple Art & Design Logo
Bakeshop Badge Logo
Black and Orange Square Art & Design Logo
Production Studio Logo
Pink and Purple Wifi Art & Design Logo
Vintage Brand Logo
Red with Yellow Border Education Logo
Minimalist Serif Logo
Cafe and Bar Logo
Green Calligraphic Logo
Green and Gold Vintage Logo
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