Red Minimalist Scenery Travel Magazine
Red Minimalist Scenery Travel MagazineRed Minimalist Scenery Travel MagazineRed Minimalist Scenery Travel MagazineRed Minimalist Scenery Travel MagazineRed Minimalist Scenery Travel Magazine

With Canva, you’ll be making all your magazine covers in-house! This cover from Canva features a greyscale nature photo with a red box.

Use our fonts and modern typography designs as you add more content on your cover. We have a drag-and-drop uploader for photos from your shoot you want to use. Don't miss our selection of filters too for a dramatic touch to your cover. Finally, check out our library of finishing accents like frames, borders and decorative lines. All these drag-and-drop details will transform your simple and minimalist cover to elaborate and full of character.

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