Gold and Greyscale Photo Wine Menu

Bars can have all kinds of characters and different moods depending on what’s being served and the clientele they cater to. For those of you looking to create a menu to suit an elegant and classy establishment, this menu designed by Canva will be a great match. With a greyscale photo background, it shows sophistication but also creates depth. The gold border adds color for visual interest as well as a solid frame for the list of drinks. All these create a menu with a modern appeal.

Maroon with Photo Wine Menu
Dark Blue Illustration Wine Menu
Black Gold Floral Elegant Wine Menu
Maroon Wine Bar Menu
Grey Black Wine Bottles Bar Menu
Red Wine Valentine's Day Food and Drink Menu
Orange and Dark Purple Wines Bar Menu
Sophisticated Wine Menu
Maroon Typographic Wine Menu
Navy Pattern Wine Menu
Dark Violet Wine Icon Wine Menu
Plum Wine Glass Elegant Wine Menu
Black and Gold Gatsby Hotel Drink Menu
Yellow Simple Modern Wine Menu
Purple Gold Elegant Wine Menu
Violet Bottle Elegant Wine Menu
Blue Gray Bordered Wine Menu
White and Gold Wine Menu
Black Photo of Wine Bottles Wine Menu
Dark Violet Simple Wine Menu
Vintage Handdrawn Stem Wine Menu
Light Yellow Illustrated Border Wine Menu
Beige and Black Pattern Wine Menu
Lavender and White Illustrated Wine Menu
Tan Maroon Illustrated Simple Wine Menu
Dark Purple and Beige Wine Menu
Black and Red Photo Wine Menu
Blue and White Illustrated Wine Menu
Cream and Red Illustrated Wine Menu
Dark Red Classic Illustrated Wine Menu
Deep Purple Wood Grain Wine Menu
Lounge - Drink Menu
Navy Blue and Tan Illustrated Wine Menu
Teal and Yellow Icons Modern Wine Menu
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