Colorful Dots Pug Illustration Kids Menu

Menus for restaurants and caterers need to appeal to the diner. But if those diners are kids, you might have to make a few adjustments to designs. Canva can help you produce a menu that’s fun, colorful, and engaging for children.

Try using a simple but vibrant color palette to make your menu attractive for younger eyes. Use dots to illustrate confetti as well as frame the contents of your menu. Lastly, use cute illustrations like dogs to make the menu even more appealing. Use Canva to search for images that you can add with a click.

Blue Under the Sea Kids Menu
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Light Yellow Illustrated Kids Daycare Menu
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 Lemon Slice Vectors Purple Kids Menu
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Blue and Pink Confetti Kids Menu
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Red Confetti Burger Fries Fastfood Kids Menu
Orange and Blue Diagonal Stripes Kids Menu
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Light Blue Kids Illustration School Lunch Menu
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