Colorful Pastel Ice Cream Menu

When one thinks of sweets, dreams and light things come to mind—it’s an amazing mental image for most people. This ice cream parlor menu for example paints a great visual of a blissful mental image as it uses dreamy pastel colors and quirky illustrations.

Create a lovely cold treat listing with Canva. The many editing tools available let you customize templates like this to suit your business. Change the color, add more illustrations, and adjust the layout to look the way you want it to, and more!

Pink Black Ice Cream Illustration Menu Price List
Red Cream Chinese Menu
Cream Abstract Waves Seafood Menu
Blue and Cream Abstract Drinks Menu
Red Cream Chinese Menu
Cream Plaide and Ribbon Christmas Menu
Cream with Wreath Christmas Menu
Red and Cream Photo Modern Weekly Menu
Black and Cream Photo Pizza Menu
Blue and Cream Patterned Seafood Menu
Red and Cream Bordered Chinese Menu
Cream and Purple Bordered Valentine's Day Menu
Cream, Pink, and Yellow Simple Weekly Menu
Purple & Cream Vintage Rustic Valentine's Day Menu
Cream and Black Fish Illustration Seafood Menu
Red and Cream Bordered Valentine's Day Menu
Pink Ice Cream Menu
Cream with Photo of Old Rusted Car Vintage Menu
Cream and Black Simple Image Vegan Menu Price List
Pink Popsicle Ice Cream Menu
Red and Cream Chinese Paper Lantern Chinese Menu
Cream Simple Photo Valentines Food And Drinks Menu
Colorful Shapes Ice Cream Menu
Turquoise Confetti Ice Cream Menu
Pink Cute Ice Cream Menu
Pastel Colors Ice Cream Menu
Cream Blue Pink Ice Cream Menu
Green and Cream Patterned Leaves Christmas Menu
Green and Cream Seafood Food and Drink Menu
Red and Cream Valentine's Day Food and Drink Menu
Pink Modern Ice Cream Menu
Hot Pink Ice Cream Pattern Ice Cream Menu
Pink Textured Ice Cream Menu
Midnight Blue and Cream Bordered Crab Seafood Menu
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