Graphic Designer Resume

Show off your visual communication skills with this modern graphic designer résumé design. This professional layout, with its teal, white and black color scheme, organizational grids and accenting lines, is a simple way to showcase your experience and education with style. Choose from a range of document colors under Canva’s background tab to customize the palette and stand out as an applicant. Fill in the heading, subheadings and body texts with your personal details using Canva’s text editing tools to complete this minimalist design.

Red Graphic Design Resume
Green Header Graphic Design Resume
Blue Bordered Graphic Design Resume
Gray Sidebar Graphic Design Resume
Yellow Grid Graphic Design Resume
White Minimalist Graphic Design Resume
Blue Stripes Graphic Design Resume
White with Purple Brushstrokes Graphic Design Resume
Orange Graphic Designer Resume
Pastel Funky Pattern Header Graphic Design Resume
Green and White with Cursor Graphic Design Resume
Orange and Cream Circle Photo Simple Graphic Design Resume
Gray Brown Minimalist Graphic Designer Resume
Dark Turquoise Graphic Designer Resume
Red and Dark Gray Graphic Designer Resume
Black and Yellow Bold Graphic Designer Resume
Grey Aqua Vintage Floral Graphic Designer Resume
White Minimal Clean Photo Graphic Designer Resume
Light Blue Diagonal Lines Minimalist Modern Graphic Designer Resume
Pink Brown Elegant Chevron Graphic Designer Resume
Navy Blue and Red Simple Graphic Designer Resume
Lavender Graphic Design Resume
Charming Floral Designer Resume
Light Blue Green Website Icon Design Resume
Turquoise Photo Interior Designer Resume
Resume Corporate
Large Blue Heading Designer Creative Resume
Dark Gray Interior Designer with Photo Resume
Blue Brush Strokes Minimalist Designer Creative Resume
Greyscale Infographic Corporate Resume
Pastel Green and Yellow Interior Designer Modern Resume
White and Gold Accents Minimalist Clean Simple Resume
Yellow and Green Modern Creative Resume
Typographic Electrician Resume
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