White and Aquamarine Modern Resume

You don’t go for loud, fancy designs. That’s why this minimalist yet modern, Canva-made resume is perfect for you. It captures your simplicity and elegance. Personalize it further by adjusting the colors if aquamarine and white isn’t a combination that works for you. You can add a few icons or symbols from Canva’s massive stock of images yet still keep the clean look. If you want to replace the lines with another shape, you can do that as well. End by deciding on a dynamic font to highlight your credentials. Print your resume and deliver to your dream companies!

Modern Professional Resume
Bright Pink Modern Resume
Colorful Zigzag Modern Resume
Monochromatic Minimalist Modern Resume
Blue Landscape Modern Resume
Greyscale Photo Modern Resume
Brown Minimalist Modern Resume
Teal Modern Creative Resume
Pastel and Black Shapes Modern Resume
Blue and Orange Modern Resume
Green Watercolor Leaves Modern Resume
Pastel Pink and Blue Modern Resume
Black and Pastel Modern Creative Resume
Cream and Red Modern Theatre Resume
White and Black With Tropical Leaves Modern Resume
Black Orange Modern Photo College Resume
Coral and Charcoal Black Stylist Modern Resume
Pastel Green and Yellow Interior Designer Modern Resume
Turquoise Green Navy Simple Modern Teacher Resume
Turquoise White Paint Strokes Modern Teacher Resume
Yellow and Green Modern Creative Resume
Cream and Red Modern Customer Service Resume
Turquoise Black and White Drama Masks Modern Acting Resume
Orange Warm Modern Photo High School Resume
Light Blue Diagonal Lines Minimalist Modern Graphic Designer Resume
Black and White Modern Zigzag Line Theatre Resume
Navy Blue and White Simple Modern Side Photo Scholarship Service Resume
Purple Web Developer Resume
Orange Nautical Water Sports Resume
Blue Lines Simple Resume
Orange Striped Marketing Assistant Creative Resume
Sienna and Cream Inforgraphic Resume
Green Health Photo Resume
Simple Brown Academic Resume
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