Blue Dusty Minimalist Resume

Web developers may be focused on the back-end stuff (that is, the bit about the programming that focuses more on making things work on the website rather than how they look). But that doesn’t mean potential employers don’t look at their sense of aesthetic—after all, design is now part of user experience.

Prove that you can make a website work well and look good with this minimalist resume design from Canva. It has a dusty blue textured background and simple modern fonts in yellow and white. Simply adjust the colors to personalize it.

Gray Simple Minimalist Resume
White Minimalist Academic Resume
Monochromatic Minimalist Modern Resume
Brown Minimalist Modern Resume
Minimalist Texture Acting Resume
White Minimalist College Resume
White Gray Minimalist Acting Resume
White Minimalist Photo College Resume
Pink White Boxes Minimalist Acting Resume
Black and White Minimalist College Resume
White Minimalist Graphic Design Resume
Black Minimalist High School Resume
Gray Brown Minimalist Graphic Designer Resume
Pink and White Feminine Minimalist College Resume
Blue Brush Strokes Minimalist Designer Creative Resume
White Minimalist with Photo Teacher Resume
Light Pink and Black Minimalist High School Resume
Green and White Minimalist Dots Teacher Resume
White and Gold Accents Minimalist Clean Simple Resume
Light Blue Diagonal Lines Minimalist Modern Graphic Designer Resume
Mistyrose and Charcoal Resume
Blue Lines Simple Resume
Orange Nautical Water Sports Resume
Orange Striped Marketing Assistant Creative Resume
Dark Blue and Pink Simple Resume
Beige Simple High School Resume
Modern Professional Resume
Bordered Fitness Trainer Simple Resume
Pastel Green Yellow Professional Resume
Grey Minimal Customer Service Resume
Black and Blue Photographer Resume
Green and White Simple Resume
Black and White Photo Theatre Resume
Dark Blue Professional Resume
Pale Turquoise Social Media Manager Simple Resume
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