What our users are saying about Canva



it ok

it ok i gess

Heidi M.



It's difficult to get spacing correct on the resume--can't add extra spaces or get bullets to display correctly on hanging indents.

Stacey W.


Photo editing

Cropping should be available as free form.

Taylor S.


easy to use, limited on what you can do without paying

student trial? something available for one time use or invitation maker package so you aren't paying for a whole month or year

Vasiliki V.


Hard to edit a single photo without choosing a layout.

First time user, I was referred to Canva! Seems like it will be great to work with, but I literally just wanted to edit one of my photos and had the hardest time just editing the photo without having to choose a layout. Then I figured out how to do it the best way I could and just crop it when I got it to my website. You should have a blank layout, or some way to just edit a photo without choosing a layout. And if you have that, I could not find it. Just a thought, b/c I needed to work fast and it took way too much time to try and just do a quick edit! Thanks! :)

Nita S.


Steep Learning Curve

I had a rough time editing the image and creating the graphic I wanted. It didn't feel intuitive. If there were instructions, I did not see them. Was there a tutorial I missed? I need to take a class.

Kate L.


Easy to use... almost

I like Canva, but it has some quirks that makes it a little annoying to use. The free version is super limited as to colors and shapes, which makes it difficult to really produce a quality product. But, hey, for free, it's pretty cool. I've gone back to using Word, because I can do everything in Word that Canva can do - and more.

Vicki E.


Is there a help desk

Is there a help desk where you can actually talk to a support person?

Susan S.


Still learning too soon to

Still learning too soon to know if this will help me

kathy j.



I think it is not as easy as you think it is. I had a friend who had version 1 which I think was easier than version 2 that I have.

Jacqueline I.


Justified alignment

This would be a 5-star product if you provided a justified alignment option.



Canva 2.0 - Epic Fail

Attempts to make the interface simpler did just the opposite. Forcing the user to TYPE what type of template they want is idiotic. Choosing from the visual menu as in 1.0 worked. It needed no upgrades. Same for Text and Shape menus, now VERY well hidden inside the images menu (what?). Virtually nothing about the 2.0 version is an improvement.. The one improvement? The gallery of uploaded images looks sleeker, and shows larger thumbnails, but it slows down on my laptop. I have to wait for the images to resize in the window to see what I have at any given time after adding or deleting an image. Glad you kept 1.0 DONT remove it, or I suspect you'll fall to 3rd place in this competitive space..