What our users are saying about Canva

Alina S.


Less templates, better typography options

Please add a vector or EPS download option, this is crucial for logos

Scott A.


Not impressed, sorry.

I tried to make new banners for Facebook and Twitter using Canva’s recommendations...but neither one fit.

Bill R.


time consuming and a confusing

I found it time consuming and a confusing

Jamie L.


not enough free graphics

not enough free graphics

Ozlem Y.


cant downloading

ı cant downloading



long delays and trouble with getting signed up for nonporfit subscription

I do appreciate your very nice software, but I filled out an application for nonprofit status on Aug 13, and I have still not heard back. I did send an email later that week when I didn't hear anything. Someone replied that she was going to try to help. A few days later she asked for me to resend the info. Now it is over a week later and I have still not heard back. I am also having trouble understanding from the website how to finalize a poster for printing, even if I don't have nonprofit status. Thank you for any additional help!

Laura S.


Inconsistent Access

The 30 day trial is very frustrating because my access to the additional features changes almost daily.



Rip Off

I accidentally paid twice for a picture. I only had to make one tiny change within five minutes of making my original design. I was charged $2. I contacted customer service. Could have cared less! I know it’s only $2 but it was still a mistake and the customer service team pretty much said - tough! Poor customer service!



Decent platform, terrible customer service

If you're looking for a cheap platform to do basic design, you're in the right place. If you need some help with a glitch/bug, you might as well write to the North Pole for all the help you get.

Laura M.


Moving boxes and texts, adding text

I find It not as easy to move the items around- positioning or stretching Also I would Love a separate “add text box” I am Forced to choose what’s available and then spend too much time manipulating it to my size and fonts. (Is this available with the paid version?)

Hrag B.


2 stars because it forced

2 stars because it forced me to pay for work upgrade. i tried it for a month it was free ! after that i wanted to cancel but it forced me to pay.... shame the platform is very good i'am using it quite often !



I can’t upload my corporate font!

Despite getting useless “help” from the help desk it seems Canva doesn’t accept our corporate font, the classic Futura. Means no one from our business can use Canva!