Trust for Education

Here you can find our certifications, agreements, and additional information on the protection of student data in Canva for Education.

U.S. Certifications

FERPA certified

Canva for Education is certified compliant with FERPA.

Canva for Education and our privacy policy are designed to meet Canva’s responsibilities under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect personal information from students' educational records. We agree to work with each school and district to jointly ensure compliance with the FERPA regulations to protect the confidentiality of educational records, and provide school officials, parents and eligible students the opportunity to access and review such records, and limit further disclosure of personal information only as necessary to support the school's educational purposes.

Canva is FERPA certified by iKeepSafe.

COPPA certified

Canva for Education is certified compliant with COPPA.

Canva complies with COPPA by not knowingly collecting personal information from a child under 13 unless a school or district has authorized us to collect such information in order to provide educational services. Consistent with COPPA, Canva relies on the school or district to provide (or obtain from a parent or guardian) appropriate consent and authorization for a student under 13 to use our services and for Canva to collect and use student data for the purpose of providing the educational services, and for no other commercial purpose.

Canva is COPPA certified by iKeepSafe.

Additional information

Canva for Education Additional Terms

These terms apply to schools and districts, and address the most common contractual modifications requested by educational institutions to Canva's Terms of Use.

Canva for Education Data Elements

This page provides the limited number of data elements collected from students, educators, and administrators to provide Canva for Education.

National Data Privacy Agreement and State Law Compliance

Canva has signed the National Data Privacy Agreement, in addition to several State-level addenda. This page provides details on these agreements and explains how your school or district can sign onto an existing NDPA.