Procurement information

Here you can find information and documents to complete procurement forms or set Canva up as a vendor in your systems

Company information

If you are purchasing Canva Teams, the Canva entity you contract with will depend on your location. Customers located in North America will contract with Canva US, Inc. Customers in the UK, will contract with Canva UK Operations Ltd. All other Customers will contract with Canva Pty Ltd, an Australian corporation.

Canva US, Inc.

3212 E. Cesar Chavez Street
Building 1, Suite 1300
Austin, TX 78702
United States of America

TIN/EIN: 81-4007311

Canva Pty Ltd

110 Kippax Street

Surry Hills, NSW, 2010


ABN: 80 158 929 938

Canva UK Operations Ltd

Canva UK Operations Ltd
33-35 Hoxton Square

London, N1 6NN
United Kingdom

Company number: 08825531

Additional information

If you need any of the information listed below, please access our Whistic profile. It’s easy to create an account, just follow the prompts on the website.


Tax information for Canva US, Inc.

IBAN/Banking Information

Bank details for customers to pay Canva via ACH. Bank details on company letterhead are available here as well.

Evidence of Insurance

Canva maintains adequate insurance relevant to its business operations. If you require evidence of insurance, you can find it here.


Canva is compliant with NDAA requirements. If you need Canva's NDAA certification, you can find it here.

Sole Source

Canva is the sole source of Canva Teams in the United States. If you need a signed sole source statement, you can find it here.

Transfer Impact Assessment

The Transfer Impact Assessment describes and analyzes the risks of transferring data and Canva's supplementary measures to mitigate those risks.