With thousands of new posts per second, first impressions are everything on X/Twitter. Make your updates pop on the page with visually striking graphics. Stand out while keeping your look consistent.
X/Twitter header

Create a X/Twitter header

Choose a header template and customize with your own images, fonts, backgrounds and colors with our simple drag-and-drop tool.

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X/Twitter post

Create a X/Twitter post

Add a photo, GIF or video to your X/Twitter post to draw attention. Choose from thousands of layouts and graphics to help bring your post to life.

All the resources you need in one place

There's always more you can do to stand out. Check out our size guide and social media mastery lessons to help enhance your design.

X/Twitter size guide

Need a different sized design for your header photo, profile photo, post and banner? We've got you covered.

Social media mastery

Stay up to date on the latest design tips for social media. Learn to define your style in a few short videos.

As many possibilities as posts

Never run out of creative steam with Canva's huge library of designer-made layouts and graphics. Keep your posts on brand and in style, and have fun doing it. Grow your audience with visually engaging updates that speak to the people you're trying to reach.

  • Over 1 million free, original images
  • Collage and text overlay for powerful effect
  • A range of color palettes and font combos
Canva editor showing a photography X/Twitter header design

Show the world what's on your mind

We are all visual learners, even on X/Twitter. Boost interest in your posts with professionally designed layouts and striking graphics. Present data in visually appealing infographics or make your followers laugh with an eye-catching meme.

Use a simple tool for a variety of posts

You can design and Tweet whatever you like, from images to infographics to GIFs. It's all possible with our drag-and-drop tool.

Stay on brand with logos and colors

Keep your posts looking consistent with flexible color schemes, font pairings, and icons. Add your own watermark or logo.

Publish straight to X/Twitter from Canva

No need for multiple steps to get you there. You can share your post on X/Twitter the moment you finish it, in a single click.

Learn the secrets to smart design

Canva's blog is chock-full of helpful articles on how to enhance your design. Hone in on the best tips for your personal or business needs.

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