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They may only be a few seconds long, but having a well-made video intro is important for many reasons. A video intro gives a snapshot of who you are, helping build brand recall. A good intro draws your audience in, piques their interest and sets the tone.

The Canva library has a wide variety of video intro templates that you can use free for your personal or business vlog. Whatever your niche on YouTube, you can find a video template that suits you best. With our easy-to-use text and photo tools, there’s no need to learn complicated tools to come up with a design. In a matter of minutes, you can create something you can be proud of. A stunning video intro just takes a few clicks with Canva!

Canva’s YouTube video templates help you save time on making video intros so you can focus on producing top-notch content. Our YouTube templates come with stunning photos and dazzling fonts so you never have to start from scratch. You can include your logo or even stock videos to your design. Add your own catchy slogan with our easy-to-use text editor. Want to add bounce, slide, or fade effects? Use Canva Animator to bring movement to your design. Need to collaborate with a co-editor? Send a link to your design to a teammate or friend and they’ll be able to add their own edits and comments to the design. Once done, you can download the finished product as a video or animated clip. Use Canva’s introduction video templates to amaze your audience today!