2024 edition

The Visual Economy Report

This year we highlight how visual communication – boosted by AI and innovative technologies – is enhancing productivity, creativity, brand awareness, and employee culture.


The way we communicate at work is rapidly changing

From the rise of visual-first work and design literacy, to demand for the right tools, to AI-driven transformation, these trends are redefining how businesses communicate.

Core concepts

What is the visual economy?

The increasing importance and value of visual communication to drive engagement, growth, and success within organizations.

What is visual communication?

The use of images, graphics, and other visual elements to convey information, ideas, and messages in a way that's engaging and easy to understand.

How are global leaders excelling in a visual world?

Learn how the leaders we surveyed are leveraging, adapting, and flourishing with visual communication

Section 1

The rise of the visual economy

Could visual communication boost your business performance, enhance collaboration, and drive efficiency? Discover how visual communication is empowering organizations to thrive.

The pulse of industry leaders

Partnering with Morning Consult, we surveyed more than 3,000 global leaders across Marketing, Sales, and HR on their view of visual communication in the workplace.

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Explore more of the trends shaping the visual economy.

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