Destination wedding invitation templates

Destination wedding invitation templates

Planning an out-of-town wedding? Use Canva’s destination wedding invitation templates as passports to your event and get your personalized designs in a few clicks.

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Destination wedding invitation templates
Destination wedding invitation templates

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Printable destination wedding invitations by Canva

Having a destination wedding is the pinnacle of romance, but it won’t be complete without all your friends and loved ones by your side. Make sure to send them their destination wedding invitations as soon as you book your dates and venues. While sending an invitation six months ahead for out-of-town and out-of-the-country weddings is common courtesy, the earlier you send, the better. Browse our gallery of destination wedding invitation templates so you can have an invitation design ready when you are.

How to pick the perfect template, you ask? Simple. Use your destination as your design inspiration. Look through our gallery and see beach-themed invitation templates for tropical destination weddings, spring motifs for garden weddings, even rustic-chic designs for farm-inspired nuptials. Choose a design that matches your vision for the wedding. Better yet, mix and match a few styles and layouts to develop a DIY destination wedding invitation that’s uniquely your own. Our destination wedding invitation templates are free for you to customize and play around with, so don’t worry if you don’t find an exact match.

Now, click on your chosen template, or if you’re so inclined, start with a blank page. Upload your favorite couple photo or look through our library for illustrations that capture your spirit as a couple. Make a few tweaks on the color or switch up the font. Do make sure to include all the necessary details of your wedding. For your guidance, we’ve pre-filled all our destination wedding invitation templates, so you’ll know exactly what needs to be included. And don’t forget to double-check! You don’t want your guests having the wrong date for your wedding, after all.

When you’re done, no need to leave our dashboard to send your invites. Choose to go paperless and send your invites via email or social media, or print a few, especially for older guests who are not as tech-savvy. Order high-quality and eco-conscious prints from Canva Print, and we’ll deliver them to you just in time.