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建立您的 Canva 團隊


Create professional designs together in real-time, all on one platform. From creative presentations and videos to social posts, infographics, posters, flyers and more, keep your collective ideas and creativity flowing from classrooms to boardrooms, and beyond.


Instantly post comments, tag team members, assign tasks, leave feedback, share designs and resolve suggestions directly in Canva.

Simply invite your team, choose their access permissions and start in seconds.


Create sleek, on-brand designs with shareable brand color palettes, logos and elements within the editor.

Share your Brand Kit (Link to Brand Kit) with your team for brand consistency across all your designs.


Never search for content again with Design folders that will keep you organized and moving with speed.

Easily organize, store, and easily update assets, projects, and uploads in shareable folders that are accessible to your team, on any device.

Canva Teams - Organise your assets in Folders
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Canva for Enterprise - 讓您的組織邁向成功

Get your entire organization designing, collaborating and sharing ideas at scale, in one place with Canva for Enterprise. Find existing team members, choose those in your team you want to collaborate with in real-time, assign roles, organize and share projects and access all your projects on any device.


有了 Canva,您可以邀請朋友、家人及團隊成員到 Canva 中,在任何設計上進行協同合作。Canva Pro 提供兩種類型的團隊:免費團隊和 Canva Pro 團隊。 所有 Canva 使用者均可使用免費團隊。每個免費團隊最多可以包含 3,000 名成員(包含你自己在內)。您可以將管理員和成員角色分配給團隊成員,以便控制存取。您最多可以免費建立20個團隊。 Canva Pro 團隊完善了標準免費團隊提供的功能。您可以為成員分配範本設計者的角色。若要了解 Canva Pro 訂閱的詳細資訊,請參閱此頁面。

在 Canva 上建立團隊很簡單。建立帳戶並登入後,您會在側欄中看到「建立團隊」選項。接著只需加入所要建立團隊成員的電子郵件地址,然後選擇您希望他們擁有的存取權限即可。

您團隊中每個人都可以為更好的設計流程做出貢獻。集思廣益,獲得更多點子。發表評論,獲得反饋。啟迪他人,獲得啟發。從課堂到會議室,Canva 都能讓您的團隊在同一頁面上共同努力。

使用 Canva,每個人都可以進行團隊合作,因此您可以依需求新增任意數量的團隊成員。

在您網域中,任何擁有已驗證電子郵件地址的人員(例如,[email protected])都可以請求加入組織中的建議團隊。然後,Canva 將根據存取權限—為您找到這些團隊成員。請注意,對於 Canva Pro 和 Canva for Enterprise 的使用者,成員總數會出現在您的計劃中。
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