Promosikan bisnis Anda dengan kartu nama bisnis fotografi yang mengesankan dan akan disimpan lama oleh klien Anda.

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Desain kartu nama bisnis fotografi profesional dalam sekejap

You’ve gotten yourself published, you’ve created a website–you’re even active on social media! There are many ways to advertise your photography business but nothing can beat going out there, shaking hands, and exchanging cards with potential clients. Even in the 21st century, the ritual of exchanging cards is very much alive. Except now it’s way easier for anyone to create a business card. It’s even easier with Canva, with our ready-to-use layouts, simple drag-and-drop interface, and its wide selection of design elements. Show your individuality and make a name for yourself and your photography business!

Buat desain kartu nama bisnis fotografi yang lebih cepat dari jepretan foto

  1. Buka Canva dan pilih jenis desain “Kartu Nama Bisnis".
  2. Pilih dari perpustakaan elemen desain grafis profesional kami, seperti banner, ikon, bingkai, dan lainnya.
  3. Unggah foto Anda sendiri atau pilih dari stok kami yang berisi lebih dari 1 juta gambar.
  4. Atur gambar, tambahkan filter menarik, dan edit teks.
  5. Simpan dan bagikan.

Sesuaikan kartu nama bisnis fotografi sesuai keinginan Anda

  1. Ubah gambar. Unggah gambar Anda sendiri atau pilih dari perpustakaan stok kami yang berisi lebih dari 1 juta foto, grafik, dan ilustrasi.
  2. Ubah font. Pilih dari lebih dari 130 font baru.
  3. Ubah latar belakang. Pilih latar belakang dari perpustakaan kami atau gunakan gambar.
  4. Ubah warna. Ubah warna kotak teks dan teks Anda untuk memberikan lebih banyak gaya.

Desain kartu nama bisnis fotografi yang mencerminkan gaya Anda

Are you thinking of channeling Ansel Adams with your black and white theme, or Annie Leibovitz with your showcase of celebrity photos? In Canva we have a library of professionally designed themes and as many design possibilities as there are kinds of photography. If you’re feeling extra creative, we also have a wide selection of backgrounds, icons, and photos that you may layout according to whatever style and feel you have in mind. You wouldn’t run out of ideas exploring all the design options right at your fingertips in our layout, text, and background tabs.

Unggah gambar yang memukau ke kartu nama bisnis fotografi Anda

What exactly goes in a photography business card? That’s up to you. Let your business card showcase your visual creativity and photography skills. Upload a self-portrait or create an arrangement of all your favorite shots. You may layout one photo and feature it as a background in all its full glory, or crop and arrange several as icons.

Layout yang dapat disesuaikan untuk membuat kartu nama bisnis dengan mudah dan cepat

You could already have a visual identity that you want to customize into business card dimensions. Even if you don’t, you wouldn’t have to pluck designs out of thin air. We have a wide range of layouts that you can easily customize according to your brand with drag-and-drop design elements. You may upload your own logo and add all the contact details you deem necessary using our selection of fonts. If you need to add any last-minute changes to your photography business card, you can always add Canva on your mobile devices by downloading our iOS and Android apps through the App Store or Google Play.

Bagikan kartu nama bisnis fotografi Anda dengan dunia online

Whatever’s on print must also be online–that’s how most businesses roll these days. Synchronize your identity on print and on digital by releasing your business card online via email blast, social media, or by simply uploading it on your website. For the best printing options, send your brand new business cards straight to Canva Print. We’ll make sure your business cards stand out with stunning full-color, double-sided printing and an array of paper and finish options.

Buat fotografi Anda memukau dengan mengunggahnya dalam resolusi tinggi yang menakjubkan

Pastikan kualitas foto Anda melampaui layar komputer dan ke media cetak dengan menyimpannya sebagai PDF berkualitas tinggi. Dengan begitu, keterampilan fotografi mengagumkan Anda tidak hilang saat Anda mencetak foto dari kamera. Klien tentunya akan menghargai perhatian yang Anda berikan, bukan hanya warna dan komposisi, tetapi untuk hasil akhirnya juga.


Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai cara Canva membantu Anda pada proyek desain berikutnya, kunjungi Dukungan Canva.