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Make a great first impression by creating a unique business card(opens in a new tab or window) design in Canva. Choose from thousands of templates created by professional designers and download or print your own custom cards.

How to make business cards - Canva

Create free, custom business card designs

Get the look you want in your calling cards without the hassle. Start with a template, add your details, and get professional results in minutes.

Our drag-and-drop business card maker means anyone can create stunning business cards—no design experience necessary. That’s why millions of people worldwide trust Canva’s business card maker to help them look professional.

We have thousands of expertly-designed templates spanning a huge variety of styles. So no matter what business you’re in, Canva’s business card maker has a template to make you look good.

Got something special in mind? Need a standard business card(opens in a new tab or window) or a rounded corner visiting card(opens in a new tab or window)? We got you covered. It’s easy to design, you can also use business card mockups from scratch in Canva.

How to make business cards

Create a new business card

Open up Canva and search for “Business Cards” to get started.

Not sure where to start? No problem. Canva has hundreds of business card templates to help get your creative juices flowing. You can filter for color scheme, industry, style, or theme using the search tool.

Create a business card that truly represents you. Add your information and swap out fonts and colors to reflect your brand. You can even create different versions of your business cards for different clients.

Explore millions of icons, illustrations, images, and fonts. With Canva’s advanced photo editing tools, you can add borders, frames, logos, text, icons, and other ingredients anywhere on your business card.

Order high-quality prints of your business cards through Canva Print and enjoy free standard shipping. Or, save and download your digital business card design as a PDF, JPG, or PNG file.

Create a new business card

Make a business card that’s unique and on-brand

We know that your brand image matters to you. That’s why Canva’s free business card creator makes it easy to brand your business card. Upload your logo, use your brand colors, and choose complementary fonts to showcase your brand’s look and feel. Brainstorm brand name ideas with Magic Write’s business name generator(opens in a new tab or window), powered by OpenAI.

We’ve also got a huge library of free images, icons, and illustrations to help you customize your design further. Browse and choose exactly the right imagery you need to showcase what your brand and business are all about.

Your business card is what people will remember you by. Take it to the next level by turning it into a business card magnet(opens in a new tab or window). With Canva’s business card maker, you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

Free and easy-to-use business card maker

Canva is free to use and created with the non-designer in mind. There’s nothing to install—everything you need to create your business card design is at your fingertips. Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed card templates as your starting point. You can choose templates by styles such as modern, simple, or elegant layouts. Or, choose by profession or industry.

There’s no need to break the bank to get the look you want. With Canva’s intuitive design tools and a wide array of business card templates, you’re empowered to create your own designs easily and cost-effectively.

Business cards that stay up-to-date

Your business card design is saved to your Canva account, so you can make changes when you need to.

Changed your phone number? Moved office? Got a new title? Our business card generator takes the hassle out of changing your details. Simply open your design, click on the text and change anything you like.

And with our free QR code generator, easily update and insert a static QR code into your business cards. Be inspired with these free and 100% editable QR code business card templates(opens in a new tab or window).


Here are the steps on how to easily make a digital business card:

  1. Start inspired with a pre-made business card template from our vast template library. Or, create a business card from a blank template.
  2. Customize your business card design by adding important information like name, designation, company or brand, contact details, and website.
  3. Add your business or company name and brand logo with matching colors, graphics, and images.
  4. To make a virtual version of your digital business card, share your business card design as a View-only link.
  5. On Canva, you can also publish your custom business card design as a Website. Simply click Share, then select More, and choose Website to turn your calling card into a virtual business card.
  6. Alternatively, you can also share your digital business card directly with other social media sites.

To make a QR code for a business card, use our free QR code generator.

  1. 1. From the editing dashboard, click Apps on the left sidebar.
  2. 2. Search for “QR Code Generator” and click the QR Code app. New sidebar options will appear that will allow you to enter a URL and customize the QR code color and margin.
  3. 3. Click Generate QR code to create your custom static QR code and it will appear on your business card design where you can customize it’s location further.

The best place to make business cards online is through our free and easy-to-use graphic design platform. Start inspired with professionally design business card templates or begin with a blank template. We also offer business card printing services with a customer happiness guarantee and free standard shipping.

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