Design a Valentine’s Day Card

Choose a one-of-a-kind card for your one and only this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a free ecard or a printed greeting card, Canva’s free online Valentine’s Day card maker has the solution for you.


Custom Valentine’s Day cards made easy

We’ve got hundreds of Valentine’s Day card templates waiting for you to add your personal touch, with something to suit every taste. Our options range from the traditional and romantic to playful and irreverent.

Want to create something truly original? Easy! Simply open a blank template and use Canva’s drag-and-drop tools to add text, colors, graphics and photos. No need to use the scissors and glue: DIY Valentine’s Day cards have never been so easy.

Forget the generic, shop-bought greeting cards this Valentine’s Day. With Canva, you can design a custom Valentine’s Day card in minutes.

How to make a Valentine's Day card

Start designing a Valentine's Day card

Open Canva and search for "Valentine's Day Card." Click "Create a Design" to begin with a blank page.

Browse through Canva’s hundreds of Valentine’s Day card templates. Get more relevant results by adding keywords that fit the theme, color scheme, mood and style that you want.

Canva has millions of images, illustrations, stock photos, icons, stickers, shapes and other elements to help your Valentine’s Day card shine. Use the handy drag-and-drop tool to move them onto your page.

Personalized cards always beat store-bought ones. So, add your own photos, images and artwork into the design and use the animation and photo effects to make the design pop even more.

Finished with your design? Share it on Facebook or Instagram in a few clicks. Save it as a PNG or JPG. Download it as a PDF and or make high-quality prints from Canva Print.

Start designing a Valentine's Day card

Send an e-card, print and more

Unlike other sites, Canva lets you choose how you want to deliver your custom Valentine’s Day card—whether that’s online, in person or in the post. Once you’ve finished customizing your card, you can choose from a huge selection of publishing options.

If you want to go the extra mile, choose Canva Print. We’ll make sure your Valentine’s Day cards look as great in person as they do on your screen. With affordable prices and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re determined to print cards that you’ll love. We’ve got premium quality paper, gorgeous finishes, and we deliver to your door.

Or perhaps a Valentine’s Day ecard is more your style. With Canva, you can send your finished card via email, social media and more. The best part is, it’s totally free!

Add a personal touch with photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words—so show your loved one how you really feel by creating a Valentine’s Day card with a photo. Upload your photo to Canva, and remind them of special moments you’ve shared.

Uploading photos to Canva is free—and easy! Just drag your photo into the editor from your desktop, then drag it into your Valentine’s Day card.


Valentine’s Day cards are a chance to express your affection for the person you hold most dear. Take it as an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you, and choose words that come from the heart. Avoid clichés or lines you’ve heard before.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to signing your Valentine’s Day card. Choose the line that feels most genuine to you.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Now and always”
  • “Yours faithfully”
  • “With all my love”
  • “Ever yours”
  • “Sealed with a kiss”

Valentine’s Day cards are a good excuse to get creative with fonts. Try Chopin script, Heartland, Honeymoon script, Humble Hearts script font, the Blooming Elegant font trio, Heartwell or Olesia. Decide whether you want a more old-fashioned font, a modern font or a handmade style and go from there.

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