Desain Latar Belakang Presentasi yang Mengagumkan dengan Canva

Make your next presentation stand out from the rest with Canva’s quick and easy presentation background maker.

Create a Presentation Background in Canva

Make a presentation background that speaks volumes

Whenever it’s time to give a speech or share a new idea, helpful visuals are a must, and slide presentations are the gold standard: images and lists of bullet points projected on a grand screen and revealed one slide at a time. Next time you make a presentation, don’t pick from a list of cliché background layouts again. Make your own with Canva instead.

Our vast library of stock photos and easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools lets you make a pitch-perfect presentation background in under 5 minutes. Add flair with fonts and effects, and you’ll know you have the audience’s attention. And if you need presentation layouts to go with your background, we have plenty of them(opens in a new tab or window).

Design a presentation background

Create a Presentation Background in Canva
Open a new Presentation design

Open a new Presentation design

Customize your presentation background and make an impact

  1. Change the images. Upload your own images or choose from our stock library of over 1 million photographs, graphics and illustrations.
  2. Change the fonts. Choose from over 130 fresh fonts.
  3. Change the background. Choose a background from our library to start with or use an image.
  4. Change the colors. Change the color of your text boxes and text to add extra flair.

Create a presentation as different as you

Bored of blue swirls and grassy fields? Find the background you’re looking for and make your presentation unforgettable with our expansive library of over 1 million stock photos and graphics. With plenty of photos available for free, and premium photos for only $1, there’s no reason to have drab, generic presentation backgrounds any longer.

Collaborate seamlessly with others

Canva is great when presenting with a team! Whether you are working on a school project or a big meeting at the office, Canva allows to invite your friends and coworkers to view or edit your design. You can even share your presentation background on social media.

Ready to start writing? You can use use the background you designed in Canva in any presentation software with just a few clicks. When your presentation background is finished, click on the Download button and save your design as a JPEG or PNG image file.

Next, set the image as a custom background in your presentation software, and transform your slides from mild-mannered to magnificent!

Finish your presentation in Canva

Most presentation software is slow, bloated, and far more trouble than it’s worth. For your next presentation, skip the export step and make your presentation online with Canva, or using our Canva iOS or Android apps. They’re free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

To make more slides, simply duplicate your presentation background, drag out text boxes, and add graphics. With over a hundred free fonts to choose from and oodles of layouts – everything from sales pitch decks(opens in a new tab or window) to church presentations(opens in a new tab or window) – you can create a slick stack in a fraction of the time it takes to wrestle with your presentation software.

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