Display your data as a visually engaging chart graphic from Canva.

Turn complicated numbers into visually stunning charts

Whether you want to chart your net profits over time or the popularity of various ice cream flavors in your shop since it opened, nothing beats an area chart when it comes to depicting distribution of categories and showing time-series relationships.

With Canva’s help you can easily design a custom area chart and add it to any presentation, infographic, report or document seamlessly. Just input your dataset by manually entering your values into a table or by copying and pasting from an existing table and straight into the Canva editor. Fully online and collaborative, Canva lets you work with a team to create your graph!

Create a custom area chart with these easy steps:

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own Area Chart designs.
  2. Choose a template and click on the text and images to start customizing your chart.
  3. 色やフォントを変更してオリジナルのグラフにします。
  4. フレームや図形など、グラフに使える素材が豊富にそろっています。
  5. 完成です!データを保存してデザインを共有しましょう

Customize colors, fonts and transparency

Designing your area chart for a company presentation or report? Use Canva’s color selection tool to select your brand colors or your document’s color theme. Enter a hex code or just choose from the color wheel. Change up the fonts too by choosing from over a hundred typefaces in Canva. Finally, although area charts can be used to compare multiple series, there’s a tendency for some data series to become obscured since area charts fill in the area below the line. Solve this quickly by adjusting transparency of these areas. Just click on the transparency tool in the toolbar and adjust the slider to the right settings.

Use teamwork to build your chart

Canvaは、同僚やお友達とのコラボレーションを簡単で楽しいものにする、完全にオンラインのツールです。[共有] ボタンをクリックしてデザインを編集できるようにリンクを送信し、皆が編集できるようにするためにボックスにチェックして、生成したリンクを送信します。デザインはクラウド上に保存されるので、同僚が世界中のどこにいても問題なく、ノートパソコン、デスクトップ、iPhone、iPad、Androidデバイスにあるデザインを編集できます。

Easily add or edit data to your chart

When it comes to area charts, changes in data can’t be helped. You can easily add or edit your data and update your area chart to reflect new results by choosing the “Data” button on the toolbar. Enter your values and labels into the table that pops up or copy and paste from a pre-existing data table. Need to edit a specific data range? Just click on that particular bar or bin and it will highlight the relevant cell on the table so you can easily identify and edit it.