Create a plan for your video next project. Canva’s storyboard creator is free, and easy to use—perfect for collaborating and sharing with clients.

Choose from our extensive image library—or upload your own

Bring your scenes to life without spending hours hunting for the right image. Canva’s image library has millions of images to choose from, from high-quality stock photos to illustrations. Or you can add your own images in seconds. Simply drag and drop from your desktop!

How to make a storyboard

  1. 從我們建立的專業範本庫中挑選。
  2. Upload your own photos or use our image library—we’ve got millions to choose from.
  3. Add filters and edit text.
  4. 儲存並分享。

Templates that adapt to your needs

Your video and the story you want to tell is unique, and with Canva you can customize your storyboard as much (or as little!) as you like. You can add headers, subheadings and body text with a simple click and easily choose your font type and color.

Is there something important that needs to stand out? Draw attention to it through bolding, underlining and italicizing. Use our library of icons and illustrations to highlight movement.


Sometimes the best ideas are born from a group effort, so if you’re co-managing a project or even working on it as a group, you can simply click the share button to collaborate. Did you work on the sketches and did someone else work on the script? Why not share your storyboard design with them and get them to help you complete it? You can share and grant editing access within seconds. Once your storyboard is complete, share it with the rest of your team via email or download it as a print-ready PDF file.


我需要下載及安裝 Canva 嗎?

只要前往,即可開始創作設計。無需下載 Canva,只須建立帳號並登入即可。

如果想要隨時隨地自由設計,請下載我們的 iPhone、iPad 或 Android 應用程式。它們可以從 App Store 或 Google Play 免費下載。


Canva 讓你能從電腦或直接從 Facebook 上傳自己的相片,再套用到設計中。先按一下計劃面板中的上傳索引標籤,選擇上傳資料夾,按一下綠色的上傳你自己的影像按鈕,選擇想上傳的檔案。每張上傳的影像會自動儲存在上傳資料夾,以便套用到其他設計裡。

Canva 是否有免費圖片可供使用?

有的!如欲尋找適合的免費相片,請前往元素索引標籤。按一下免費相片相簿。就能看到主題豐富、包羅萬象的相片。我們多元的庫存圖庫內含超過 1 百萬張庫存影像、圖像及插圖。其中許多影像免費供應,付費版影像也只要 1 美元。

使用自己的圖片則 100% 免費。只要將圖片上載至 Canva 中,便可不限次數使用。