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AI Photo Enhancer: Upscale your photo quality for free

Fix dark, blurry, and oversaturated photos with our free online image enhancer. Instantly improve image quality using AI for easy download or sharing on social media apps.

Upscale any image with AI

Upload your image in Enhancer to enhance it

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t settle for mediocre photos. Use the free AI image enhancer to dramatically improve your pictures. From logos to product images to Instagram posts, upscale any image by up to 8x in just one click. Upload your image on Canva, then let the AI image quality enhancer create sharper, clearer photos. No more pixelation or blur—just stunning visual content.

Perfect your colors and lighting

Auto-adjust your image's lighting and color

Effortlessly polish your photos with a versatile picture enhancer. Fix low lighting by increasing the brightness, create depth by adjusting the contrast, or strengthen color intensity by boosting the saturation. Need a quick fix? Use Auto-adjust to beautify your images instantly in one click. Play with different image enhancements for free on Canva, then seamlessly add it to your design project.

Fine-tune with filters

Apply Natural or other filters to your image

Craft striking Facebook posts or YouTube thumbnails with various filters and effects(opens in a new tab or window). Make your photo more vivid with the Belvedere filter, or convert it into a gorgeous black and white with Noir or Slate. You can also manually correct your photo using the slider tools, or fill in missing details with Pro’s Magic Expand(opens in a new tab or window). Get your photo just right with Canva, then proudly show it off anywhere. Share your custom shortened URL(opens in a new tab or window) anywhere, from ads and flyers to social media posts.

How to enhance photo quality

How to enhance photo quality
Enhance image with AI

Open Canva on the app or a web browser. Choose a template or start a new design project from scratch. You can also open an existing design.

Click Apps on the editor side panel. Select Image Upscaler to use the photo enhancer online.

Upload the image you want to upscale or select one in your design. Under Upscale amount, choose among the options. Then, click Upscale image to enhance image quality.

For quicker image enhancements, use filters and manual sliders. Adjust the intensity for more customized results, or select Auto-adjust to automatically create a balanced photo in one click.

Download your enhanced image as a high-quality JPG, PNG, or PDF file. Add it to your designs and presentations, or share it via email or social media.
Enhance image with AI

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Use the AI photo enhancer tool on our platform to enhance and upscale your logos, icons, and social media images. You can also increase picture quality in one click—no complicated software or design background needed.

To enhance picture quality on your mobile device, download our app from the App Store or Google Play. Upload and select your image, then tap Adjust. Use the photo quality enhancer sliders to modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. Once done, tap the x icon to return to the layout and save changes.

Photo resolution refers to the amount of detail in a photo. Using an image resolution enhancer, you can improve your image’s resolution by increasing the pixel count. Select your photo, then click Magic Switch on the upper portion of the design dashboard (available to Pro users). Select Custom size to enter your desired pixel dimensions and increase the resolution of your image.

Use our online photo enhancer tools to enhance a blurry image. Upload and select your picture, then click Edit. Under the Adjust tab, scroll down to the Texture options. Drag the Sharpness slider to the right or enter a specific number in the gray box. Once you’re satisfied, tap on the layout, and voilà! Your photo is now sharper and clearer.
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