Create a plan for your video next project. Canva’s storyboard creator is free, and easy to use—perfect for collaborating and sharing with clients.


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Bring your scenes to life without spending hours hunting for the right image. Canva’s image library has millions of images to choose from, from high-quality stock photos to illustrations. Or you can add your own images in seconds. Simply drag and drop from your desktop!

How to make a storyboard

  1. Choose from our library of professionally created templates.

  2. Upload your own photos or use our image library—we’ve got millions to choose from.

  3. Add filters and edit text.

  4. Save and share.

Create your storyboard

Templates that adapt to your needs

Your video and the story you want to tell are unique, and with Canva you can customize your storyboard as much (or as little!) as you like. You can add headers, subheadings, and body text with a simple click and easily choose your font type and color.

Is there something important that needs to stand out? Draw attention to it through bolding, underlining and italicizing. Use our library of icons and illustrations to highlight movement, all from our storyboard creator.

Collaborate with your team in real-time

Sometimes the best ideas are born from a group effort, so if you’re co-managing a project or even working on it as a group, you can simply invite your team to collaborate together, in real-time. Did you work on the sketches and did someone else work on the script? Why not share access to your storyboard and complete it together from any location. You can share and access start designing within seconds. 


Storyboards have several squares with illustrations or photos representing each shot of a video, and notes about what’s happening and being said in that scene. The point is to create a visual outline for your film, so only include the most important moments you’re going to capture.

If you don’t already have digital storyboard software that automatically labels your panels, be sure to label each panel in the correct order in an organized fashion like so: Project Name_Script#_Scene_Frame_01.jpg. That way, you can easily find and update each panel if you need to.

Most storyboards have dialogue along with illustrations. If you include dialogue in your storyboard, the script goes underneath the panels for each scene. If you’re giving a presentation, where you’re speaking live, you might leave out the dialogue from the panels.

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