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Pictures and videos make for great content but don’t forget about documents like reports and records in their usual PDF files, too. Make them easier to post on social media or embed on websites by converting PDF to JPG files with Canva’s free PDF to JPG converter online.

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How to convert PDF to JPG

Change PDF to JPG files easily and for free

Convert PDF to JPG files

Want to add tear sheets to your online portfolio? Found an amazing vintage ad you want your followers to see? Feeling like making an online collage out of your favorite magazine cutouts? Scan important items from your archive of materials and transform them hassle-free into digital-friendly content. Rely on Canva’s free PDF to JPG converter and upload riveting content on your website that people enjoy reading and viewing in high-quality images.

Access your content with editable PDF files

Edit your PDF files

Make your documents picture-perfect. Bring the same clarity to your documents, like their original PDF and more. Use Canva’s PDF to JPG converter online to adjust your content and enhance text and images. Your PDF file becomes editable, so you can try our design editor's different filters and design elements to achieve an aesthetic effect. Remove unnecessary blank spaces, too, by cropping and resizing your documents. Apply your creativity to give a cleaner, more polished look before you turn a PDF into JPG.

Present your converted files in a dynamic layout

Edit and convert your PDF files to JPG

Presentation is everything. With Canva’s PDF to JPG converter, you get to change your PDF files to JPG for free and arrange them into a compelling design. Choose from our wide selection of templates for various online posts. Drag and drop your files to place them in the layout. Add interesting touches such as borders(opens in a new tab or window) and small graphics. Use color and typography to elevate the design. Maintain aesthetic consistency in your online brand, no matter the content you post.

How to convert PDF to JPG

How to convert PDF to JPG

Open Canva on your desktop or mobile device to start a design project.

You can upload your PDF document on the editor or simply drag and drop them into your layout. Canva will automatically create an editable design out of your PDF file.

Check if all elements from your PDF file are in your editable design. You can adjust your content and add new texts and elements before converting it to JPG. Explore dynamic font styles and color combinations and incorporate visual graphics like photos, stickers, and vectors from the library. You can also use Canva’s photo editor to enhance images in your layout.

Finalize your design to turn PDF to JPG by downloading it as an image. Click Share on the upper right corner of the editor, then select Download. Choose “JPG” from the drop-down menu of file types to adjust its size and quality, and finally, download.

Your newly converted PDF to JPG images are best for sharing online. Easily post JPG images on your social media, embed on your website, or attach them to your email or messaging apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

JPG and JPEG files are the same image format; the only significant difference is their name extensions which you can change by simply renaming your file. So to convert PDF to JPEG, you can simply use our free PDF to JPG converter online, edit your files in an appealing design, and download it as a JPG file.

Absolutely! Try our converter tool among the many apps offering free PDF to JPG conversion. Not only can you change your PDF files to JPG on our editor for free, but you will also have plenty of design functions at your fingertips at little to no cost. Choose from our collections of templates for the perfect layout. Use our built-in photo editor and enhance images for more visibility. Add captions or tweak editable texts to provide more information and increase readability.

PDF files are extremely convenient for sharing and viewing documents with text and images, and preserving quality and smaller file sizes. JPG offers the same too, especially for images like a photo book or a scanned magazine. Easily convert PDF to JPG from our online tool and share your customizable design on an email, a social media post, or an embed on your website.
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