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Create realistic voiceovers with the best AI voice generator

Convert text to speech with just a few clicks on Canva. With a versatile voice changer, instantly produce natural-sounding AI voiceovers for your ads, promo videos, podcasts, and more.

Natural-sounding AI voices for any project or purpose

Use Murf AI to convert your text into speech with your preferred voice

Reduce the hassle and cost of manually creating voiceovers. Convert text to speech for free with the AI voice generator on Canva, and turn on-hand scripts and home recordings into captivating, realistic narration. Whether it’s a product demo, audiobook, or YouTube video, enhance the overall viewing experience by matching top-notch visuals with enriched sound from humanlike AI-generated voices.

Dynamic narration across languages and tonalities

Select a language for your AI voice

Engage your audience with the perfect voice you can create with the free AI voice generator. Upload your script and choose from over 120 AI voices in 20+ languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and French. Infuse a human element by customizing the voice’s speed, pitch, emotion, and tonality. Seamlessly add a voice to any Canva video, design, or presentation with a lifelike AI speech generator.

Compelling video content within reach

Add HeyGen AI Avatar into your AI-generated voice

Spruce up your creative project by making the most of AI-powered tools. Match your AI-generated voice with a recognizable face by producing a talking head video(opens in a new tab or window). Add smooth animations and transitions with Magic Animate (Pro)(opens in a new tab or window), or resize your video for any platform with Magic Switch (Pro)(opens in a new tab or window). Ditch complex video editing tools, as Canva brings effortless, advanced content creation to your fingertips. Create, edit, and collaborate on designs, then quickly shorten links(opens in a new tab or window) for free — all in one place.

How to make an AI voice

How to make an AI voice
Generate AI voice

Open Canva on the app or a web browser to generate a voice with an AI generator. Select a ready-made template or begin a new design project from scratch.

On the editor, click Apps on the sidebar. Select MurfAI to begin making a customizable AI voice.

Choose from the available languages and voices, then type the text you want to be spoken or read. Customize your audio output by selecting a style and adjusting the speed and pitch.

Take advantage of the AI tools in Canva’s built-in video editor. Auto-edit your video with a text prompt using Magic Design™ or remove backgrounds with a click with Background Remover (Pro).

Download your work in high-quality MP4 format. Post it to your social media feeds, embed it in an email, or present it straight from the Canva dashboard.
Generate AI voice

Frequently Asked Questions

An AI voice is a computerized voice created by an artificial intelligence (AI) system. The system uses complex algorithms and deep learning techniques to imitate a human voice down to the tone, emotions, intonation, and pacing. AI-generated voices are commonly used on chatbots, audiobooks, navigation systems, and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

An AI voice generator is a kind of artificial intelligence software. It can create computer-generated voices that sound like natural human voices by using deep learning techniques and algorithms to analyze and imitate human speech. Aside from providing voices for virtual assistants, chatbots, and other creative projects, the software is also used for text-to-speech systems.

Make AI voiceovers for your projects using the best free AI voice generator via desktop or mobile. Access the app on a web browser or your iOS or Android device. Select your desired language, type in your script, customize your voice with the style and tone options, and then instantly generate a free voice using AI.

You can enter up to 1,000 characters of text per speech conversion. Note that the voice synthesizer allows 10 minutes of voice generation time.
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