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Create your own soundtrack with the best AI music generator

Keep your audience tuned in with standout audio-visual content. Create the perfect song to match the mood or bring out the energy in your design project with the AI music generator on Canva.

Generate your own music

Edit your video's sound from quiet to intense using Soundraw

Having a tough time finding the right song for your project? Skip hours of combing through stock audio and create your own track instead. With the AI music generator on Canva, you can instantly generate the perfect soundtrack for videos, social media posts, presentations, educational materials, and more.

Capture the perfect mood and tempo

Choose the mood and genre of the AI music you want to generate

Generate AI music based on your highly specific taste and needs. Simply choose the mood, genre, theme, and sound length and watch the AI music generator gather up a song list that matches your requirements in seconds. Found a near match? Easily modify the AI-generated song by tweaking the length or turning the energy level up or down, depending on the overall mood you’re going for.

Produce content without worries

Share your AI-generated music on social media platforms

Never worry about copyright strikes again. Songs generated by the AI music generator are 100% royalty-free. This means you can create and share your content without paying any royalties or having the same generic soundscapes as everyone else.

Seamlessly score any project

Apply AI-generated music to your presentation

Let music elevate and transform your project. Seamlessly integrate your AI-generated music into any Canva design, whether it’s a social media(opens in a new tab or window) post, a quick marketing video, a travel vlog, or a corporate presentation(opens in a new tab or window). No need to switch between apps — complete your entire project all on one platform. Share your custom shortened URL(opens in a new tab or window) anywhere, from ads and flyers to social media posts, or create fun patterns with a free pattern generator(opens in a new tab or window).

How to create AI music

How to create AI music
Create AI music

Open Canva on the web browser or app. Start a new project with a ready-made template or from scratch.

On the editor sidebar, look for Apps and choose the Soundraw app to begin your AI music generation process.

Select your preferred mood, genre, theme, and song length. Click Generate and wait a few seconds for the AI music generator to produce a song list for you.

Take your pick from the AI-generated songs and edit it to match your content. Adjust the length or change the energy level. Once you’re satisfied, click Use to add it to your Canva design.

Download your work as a high-resolution MP4 file. Alternatively, share it via email or social media.
Create AI music

Frequently asked questions

It’s super easy to make AI music with AI music generator apps like Soundraw, which has been integrated into Canva. When producing AI songs, be sure to keep in mind these tips:

  • Choose the right mood, genre, theme, and length for your content. For example, an upbeat song is ideal for training videos to hold the audience’s attention.
  • Unleash your creativity when fine-tuning the song. Experiment with the length by adding or removing blocks of soundwaves. Or, individually change the energy level of each section to perfectly match the beat of your content.
  • Understand the AI music generator’s capabilities and limitations. Explore its features and find out how it works. By doing so, you can set realistic expectations while crafting the perfect audio for your project.

Yes! Songs generated with the AI music generator are royalty-free so you can incorporate them into your Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok content, as well as your educational videos, corporate presentations, or marketing materials.

No, the maximum song length generated by the AI music generator is 5 minutes.
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