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Capture every move with online video recorder

Record yourself, share your screen, or take scenic self-shot videos to add to your editable design with Canva’s online video recorder.

Start Using Video Recorder on Canva

Capture every move with online video recorder

Record yourself, share your screen, or take scenic self-shot videos to add to your editable design with Canva’s online video recorder.
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Introducing Video Recorder

Make your online posts or presentations more engaging with dynamic videos that help sustain your information. Record a video to explain a topic, demonstrate a process, or showcase your product. When you’re creating a design on your browser or Canva app on desktop, iOS, or Android, use your face cam or webcam recorder to take a video of yourself or your surroundings.

Share your screen

Add visual cues that’ll help your audience pick up multiple pieces of information. Prepare a step-by-step video guide on how to use your app. Flaunt your redesigned user interface or feature a presentation. Simply record your screen entirely or pick a particular window to capture using our free online screen recorder. You can even choose to take a video with the facecam and screen recorder simultaneously.

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Shoot it live, upload on time

Need a birthday video greeting instantly? Are you tasked with a website demo in an hour? Or do you need a clip of a plant in your garden for your science presentation? Quickly snap a self-recording of yourself, your screen, or any view around you using your web camera on desktop or mobile phone on the app. When you take a video, it automatically uploads to your design layout when you finish recording.

Personalize your videos easily

Your video captures are added to your design right after. It’s also saved on your Upload tab. With our video editor, you can edit it to spotlight the most important aspects or highlight the striking angles. You can trim the length, resize, crop, flip, loop, or autoplay. Then, add animation and decorate your video with effects and design elements.

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How to record yourself

  1. Start a design
    Create a design when you open Canva. Search and pick a template or start from scratch. To access the video recording feature, you’ll need to log in to your account. You can also sign up quickly with your email or Facebook account.
  2. Customize your design
    Once you choose a template, you can tweak the ready-made layout to your liking. Edit texts to your content. Switch colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Then, add other icons, illustrations, images, shapes, or vectors from our library or upload your own.
  3. Add your video recording
    Click the Uploads tab on the menu and press Record Yourself on your browser or Take A Photo or Video on your Canva app. On your laptop, you can choose between Camera Only and Screen Share. Check your settings and allow access to turn on your camera, microphone, and screen recording.
  4. Edit your video
    Your video recording will automatically upload once done. Use our video editor to trim, crop, or flip your video. You can also add design elements like frames and stickers around it and put animation before it automatically plays or loops.
  5. Launch your video design
    Debut your videos easily. Download your design in MP4 or share it to your social media accounts, email loved ones, or embed it on your website. You can also present it from Canva and share a viewable link with your family and friends.
Start Using Video Recorder on Canva

Frequently Asked Questions

Double-check your setting first on your laptop or Mac. Is your webcam and microphone in good condition? Is your browser or desktop app allowed to access them for recording? Set it up, then create a design to go to the Uploads > Record Yourself and start taking your video.

There are two ways to record yourself while presenting: while designing and in presenter view. Take a video of yourself and your screen when you go to Uploads > Record Yourself<,b>, then add it to your design. When you’re ready to present, click the Share button and choose Present and Record. You’ll access the recording studio to film your talking presentation while in presenter view. A talking head appears in the lower-left corner of your slides while your entire presentation is recorded. You can download it as an MP4 video to share or send a viewable link that your audience can watch asynchronously.

Check your settings to turn on screen recording for your web browser or desktop app. When making your design, go to the Uploads tab and press Record Yourself. It’ll lead you to the recording studio, where you can select Share Screen, pick what window to capture, and turn on your camera to record yourself with your screen simultaneously.

Download our app for iOS and log in to your account. Create a design and press the + button on your lower-left to access the elements library. You can select Camera Record to take a video with your camera right away. If you want, choose Uploads > Upload media > Take a photo or video. It automatically saves your recording in the cloud, so it’s easier to use it when you’re in between devices. Similar steps also apply when you edit on our app for Android.

Practice makes perfect! You can start rehearsing in front of the mirror to memorize your talking points and try different delivery techniques. You can even take a test shot to see how you register and sound on a video recording. Keep doing it and ask for feedback from your peers. When it’s time to shoot your part, remember your talking points and work around them, so you remain authentic and avoid coming off as heavily scripted.
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