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Bring your best ideas to life with Canva’s AI video generator

Turn text prompts into AI videos with one click. Use the text-to-video AI generator on Canva to dream up ideas and transform words into stand-out videos that seamlessly fit any project.

Magically turn ideas into videos

Add text to Magic Media and produce AI-generated videos

Skip hours of searching, sketching, or rendering an image or video. With Canva’s Magic Media, you can instantly produce an AI-generated video from text and express your ideas exactly as you imagine them. Visualize a product, sketch out a creative concept, or push the limits of what's possible. Then, fine-tune your work with our editing tools(opens in a new tab or window), apply filters, or remove backgrounds(opens in a new tab or window) with one click.

Engage your audience with talking heads

Upload or choose an AI Avatar, add your script, and choose a voice

No need to go in front of the camera with a video generator. AI turns your photo or selfie into a talking head, or you can pick an available AI avatar. Make your presenter deliver your script in over 40 languages, or upload a voice or audio. Use the AI avatar video generator on Canva to add human elements and connect with your audience—whether it’s an onboarding vid, ad, or anything in between.

Supercharge your video with impactful visuals

Add animations to your AI-generated video

Make your AI-created video more dynamic with visuals and effects. Access pre-made templates, stickers, and graphics from our curated media library. Create original animations(opens in a new tab or window) for any element to bring movement to your clips. Play around with different fonts and color schemes to match the mood of your video. Forget complex editing tools—let your creativity run free with AI text-to-video on Canva.

How to make AI-generated video

How to make AI-generated video
Generate AI video

Open Canva to access the AI text-to-video generator. Browse our gallery of customizable templates, or begin your design project from scratch.

Click Apps on the editor side panel, and select Magic Media to begin the AI video creation process.

Under the Videos tab, enter a detailed description of the video you want to generate. Click Generate video and wait a few minutes for your video to be processed.

Add stickers, graphics, and other elements from our library. Explore our editing tools and trim, rotate, or crop clips as needed. You can also apply video transitions or filters.

Once you’re satisfied with your work, download it as a high-resolution MP4 file. Share your AI video via social media or email. Or, present your video directly from the editor.
Generate AI video

Frequently Asked Questions

An AI video generator is a tool that generates videos from descriptions using artificial intelligence algorithms. These text-to-video generators use AI to create or enhance video content from text inputted by users. AI video generation helps craft high-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment, actors, or even video editing skills.

The text-to-video feature in the AI video creator quickly generates videos from text with AI avatars and voices, making it the best text-to-video generator AI. Choose your ideal avatar, type your script, and generate talking head videos for your product releases, explainer videos, and more in minutes.

A talking head video is one of the most common types of video used for e-Learning. It features a person, or the “Subject-Matter Expert” (SME), who directly addresses the viewer in an interview-like format. This video type is often shot from the chest or waist upwards, with the presenter either standing or sitting. Because of their human elements, talking head videos are suitable for building trust and connection with the target viewers.

What sets talking head videos apart from other video types is they let SMEs or instructors communicate directly through the camera, as if they're having a one-to-one conversation with learners. Talking head videos are ideal for brief and straightforward learning sessions, which users can access on their own time. With tools like an AI video generator from text, you can break down lengthy presentations into a series of shorter clips.

Yes, it can! Type in the script you want the avatar to narrate or speak and choose from 300+ voices available in 40+ languages. Then, watch as AI generates your video in minutes. Use the AI video maker to turn your script into talking head videos with customizable AI avatars.
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