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Free online JPG to PDF converter

Manage your image files better and save on storage space by converting JPG files to PDF. Use Canva’s free JPG to PDF converter to touch up or edit your photos without lowering their quality or worrying about unnecessary watermarks.

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How to convert JPG to PDF

Upload your image

Select the “Upload your image” button or easily drag and drop your files into the section.

Edit your design

Make some quick touch-ups on your images using our beginner-friendly editor.

Download your design

Finally, convert from JPG to PDF for free by downloading your design as a PDF document.

Convert from JPG to PDF

Free up necessary storage space

Keep all your digitized photographs in order and create even more new memories. Compress your existing files into smaller sizes by converting them from JPG to PDF. Changing their format with Canva’s JPG to PDF converter preserves their image quality and saves you from purchasing additional storage space.

Spruce up your images with creative edits

Make artistic modifications to your images before you change your JPG files to PDF. Set them against a vibrant background and apply filters to enhance their appearance in our photo editor. Add fun graphic elements such as stickers, icons, vectors, and stylized captions. Explore different possibilities with Canva’s editing tools, from creating photo books to portfolio presentations. No need to worry about large file sizes and possible watermarks.

Edit images before converting JPG to PDF
Download and share images in PDF

Easily share and access your images in PDF

By using Canva’s free JPG to PDF converter, you can access and view your images across different devices and operating systems. They’re also easier to email and download with their compressed file sizes, creating a smoother collaboration process. Enjoy all of our JPG to PDF converter functions while keeping the quality and integrity of your files intact.

How to convert JPG to PDF

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva on your mobile device or desktop to start a photo editing project or work on a template.
  2. Upload your JPG images
    You can upload your JPG files on the editor or simply drag and drop them into your layout. To convert multiple JPG images to one PDF file, lay them out in one layout or add multiple pages to your design.
  3. Edit your images
    Use Canva’s editing tools to enhance images. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings, or apply fun filters. Crop, rotate, or mirror images to set a new perspective. You can also add captions and creative details such as vectors, stickers, and other design elements from the library.
  4. Convert JPG to PDF online
    Finalize your image to turn JPG to PDF by downloading your design. Click Share, then Download. Choose “PDF Standard” among the download options to change your JPG image to PDF. If you plan to print your file, select “PDF Print” for better quality.
  5. Share your PDF file
    Use your newly converted JPG to PDF file in multiple ways. Share it digitally via email or store them in your device or cloud file folders without worrying about large file sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our free JPG to PDF converter, you can edit your JPG images online before saving them in PDF. You also get to choose which PDF format to convert your image to. Download your design in PDF Standard for digital purposes, especially for mobile use and drive storage since they don’t take up much space. PDF Print is perfect for printing because of its higher resolution than PDF Standard and allows you to add crop marks and bleed for professional-looking prints.

JPG files that are converted to PDF become easy to share, open, and download across different devices and operating systems. That is because PDF is an open file format. Converting JPG images to PDF also compresses their file size, freeing up storage space and saving you the cost of paying for more. And despite their reduced size, PDF files retain the quality and details of the original images after conversion.

Our online JPG to PDF converter lets you upload multiple JPG files for converting to a single PDF document. Simply drag and drop the images you want to convert into your design project. Add multiple pages and arrange their layout according to how you want them to appear or based on your selected project template. Edit each image then download your design in PDF Standard or PDF Print format.
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