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Convert files to PDFs without changing the content or compromising quality. With Canva’s online PDF converter, you can freely convert your DOCX, PPTX, and JPG files to PDF and more for easy sharing and download. Or convert your PDFs into editable Canva designs.

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How to convert files to PDF

Convert PDF documents to other file types

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Upload your PDFs and convert them into editable Canva files that you can share as a link, publish as jpg, PPTX, or republish as a PDF. Simply launch the Canva homepage and import your media from your device. From there, change your designs or extract embedded images from your PDF files and turn them into high-quality pictures, ready for uploading and publishing.

Make your files easy to view and share

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Different operating systems and software programs can add stress to any project requiring plenty of correspondence. Ensure that every detail of your work remains intact and viewable by converting jpg or other files to PDF before emailing them. Not only will the reduced file size make it easier to share, but they’ll also be easy to open across various devices.

Upgrade your layouts with creative details

File size concerns can hinder your creativity when designing reports and presentations. Sharing as a link through Canva or converting your file to PDF allows you to let loose your artistic vision without creating huge files. Add images and other visual flourishes in reports. Use typography to make your text more compelling to read. Share directly or save your final creation as a PDF and have confidence that it will keep its superior resolution even with a small file size.

How to convert jpg or other image files to PDF

How to convert jpg files and more to PDF

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