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Free online video to MP4 converter

Make your video endlessly shareable and easily editable. With Canva’s free and beginner-friendly video to MP4 converter tool, creating video content for different platforms has never been more effortless and fun.

Convert your video in one click

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No need to install a separate video converter software or app. You can easily convert your video asset to MP4 on Canva’s video editing dashboard simply by downloading your file as a high-quality MP4. Upload and convert videos in MOV, GIF, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM file formats to MP4 files in minutes.

Amplify your content

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Need to beef up your YouTube vlog or corporate training video with additional footage? No need to go out there and shoot your B-roll. Canva has a gallery of free stock videos in crisp quality for different types or categories of videos – whether it’s for travel vlogs, personal IG reels, formal company videos, or branded content.

Edit and share videos in an instant

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Update your brand socials on the move. Install the Canva app on your mobile device so you can convert your video to MP4, edit your content, and share your post wherever you may be. The app is available as desktop and mobile versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so we’ve got you covered no matter what device you’re on.

How to convert a video to MP4

Launch Canva

Open Canva on your device. Start a video project from scratch or choose a format template to start with.

Upload your video assets

Click upload on the left-hand side of the dashboard to have your video on deck. Drag and drop it onto the editing timeline.

Start video editing

Add text overlay using our font combinations, trim your footage for a faster paced storytelling, add audio to make your video more exciting. Boost your B-roll with our vast gallery for free stock footage that will help you tell your story better.

Convert your video to MP4

Once you’re done, you can easily convert and download your video in the MP4 format. Just click the Share button on the right-hand corner of the dashboard. Then, scroll down and click Download. Choose MP4 as the file output format and click Download to convert your video.

Share and publish your video

Once downloaded, you can easily share and publish your downloaded MP4 video to your socials. Alternatively, you can share your video directly from Canva. Click the Share button, then select Share on social. Then choose the social media platform where you want to post your video.

Convert a video to MP4

Convert a video to MP4

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