How to Be Remarkable with Guy Kawasaki

Be guided by Guy Kawasaki's wisdom in a series of sessions, enriched with exclusive interviews from visionaries like Jane Goodall and Temple Grandin.

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Make a Difference

Elevate your impact on the world, beyond wealth, fame and power.

Grow and Strategize

Sharpen your skills and mindset through focused sessions and activities.

Learn from Visionaries

Access exclusive insights from leaders and visionaries like Jane Goodall.

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Who is Guy Kawasaki?

  1. Chief Evangelist, Canva
  2. Chief Evangelist, Apple
  3. Brand Ambassador, Mercedes Benz
  4. Trustee, Wikipedia
  5. Seven-time Speaker, TEDx
  6. Host, Remarkable People Podcast

What do we mean by “remarkable”?

Being remarkable means you’re making the world a better place. It’s enough to improve one life (even your own), one organization, one habitat, or one classroom. It does not mean amassing wealth, power, or fame. There are people who have done this and are not remarkable. And there are people who haven’t and are. Being remarkable also means you are a good person: people use words such as gracious, honest, and compassionate to describe you.

Are these lessons for you?

These lessons are for you if you want to make a difference. You’re probably one of the crazy ones who sees the world for what it could be. You want to murder your mediocrity and mundanity in order to reach your full potential. Your heroes are the people who care to care and dare to dare. In short, you want to be remarkable.

Enjoy and good luck!

We hope you find the insights valuable. Remember, there’s no quick fix or fast track to remarkableness. Yet, with growth, grit, and grace, you’re on your way to making a difference. And when you make a difference, people will have no choice but to believe you’re remarkable.

Hungry for more?

Guy's new book, "Think Remarkable" is your next chapter. It’s available now and provides you with nine paths to transform your life and make a difference.