With Canva's drag-and-drop flyer maker, it's easy to create a professional flyer, even without any graphic design skills.

Create a Flyer in Canva

Design an amazing flyer people will want to read

Whether you’re creating a flyer for a lost pet, a gallery opening or a fundraising campaign, Canva’s easy to use flyer maker will help you create an amazing flyer your audience will want to read.

Forget text heavy flyers with clip art and basic images – Canva has a fantastic selection of professionally designed layouts for you to choose from. You can customize your flyer with our amazing high quality images and choose fonts and colors perfect for your project (and if you lack inspiration, we have a range of awesome flyer ideas).

How to create a beautiful flyer in under 5 minutes

  1. Choose a flyer template (Canva has thousands!) or you can design your own flyer from scratch. These are pre-set at the perfect size, so they’ll be easy to print.
  2. Change the images. Make your flyer unique by uploading your own images, or you can choose one from Canva’s image library, which has over 2 million beautiful stock images.
  3. Add your message. Canva has hundreds of free fonts to choose from, so you can say it in style.
  4. Change the background, change the colors… express yourself! Canva makes customizing your flyer as simple as can be.
  5. Print, download or share your flyer.

Use high quality images

High-quality images will make your flyer look professional and appeal to your audience! To create a custom flyer you can upload your own images for free. Otherwise you can access our stock library of over 1 million images, graphics and illustrations. Many of these images are also free, while premium images are all priced at just $1.

All of Canva’s images are extremely high quality, ensuring your flyer will look great on the web or in print.

Create professional marketing materials for free

Can’t afford a graphic designer? Canva allows people of all skills-levels to create amazing marketing materials without spending a cent. Our library of free layouts have been created by our amazing team of designers, giving you access to high-quality flyers you can proudly associate with your brand.

Add your company branding

To brand your flyer simply upload your company logo, add the hex codes for your brand color palette and choose an appropriate font to use consistently. This will give your flyer a professional look and make for awesome marketing material. Thanks to our incredible drag-and-drop flyer maker, you can do all of this in as little as a few clicks.

Print your flyer in stunning high resolution

As well as sharing your flyer to social media or using it in an email marketing campaign, you can also print it in stunning high resolution. Download your design as a PDF-Print file or send your new flyers straight to Canva Print. We’ll make sure your flyers are printed professionally, with the highest quality paper and finish options. We’ll even deliver them right to your doorstep!

Nothing to install

You don’t need to install any software to create an amazing flyer design in Canva. Simply head on over to www.canva.com and create an account to start designing.

If you would prefer to design on-the-go, don’t forget you can choose to download our free iPhone, iPad and Android apps from the App Store or Google Play store today.


I want to send out paperless flyers. How can I do this on Canva?

Share your content directly from Canva with just a few clicks. Once you’re done putting the final touches on your flyers, you can share your design via email or on social media. You can even embed the design on your website through an HTML tag generated by Canva.

I want to use my own photos on my flyer. Is there a limit to how many I can upload?

No. You can even upload multiple photos at once. Just make sure your photos meet the photo file requirements. If you want to keep your photo library clean, easily delete uploaded images by clicking the Trash icon.

Is it possible to design a flyer in landscape orientation?

Yes. You can use custom dimensions for your flyer and arrange the rest of the design elements accordingly.

Can I create my own borders and frames?

Yes. You can tweak the frames that are available on Canva, or you can make your own. With lines, illustrations, and even icons, you can easily come up with unique borders and frames for your flyer.