Create stunning designs with Canva's awesome suite of features

Combine Images Feature
Combine Images

Combine images and build stylish montages

Mix a visual story when you combine two images or more. Use a preset grid or collage template as image combiner. Drag your images into the frames. Create a seamless finish as you position elements, resize, and add filters.

Add Text to Video

Add text to your video for an engaging clip

Add a title, description, or caption to your video to make it more interesting to viewers. Make it pop by inserting effects and text animations. Turn your video clip into a perfect reel for Instagram or TikTok in a few clicks.

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Add Music To Video Feature
Add Music To Video

Capture the right emotions as you add music to your video

Give your videos messages, presentations, and social media posts an extra oomph by adding background music. Choose audio clips covering various genres and themes from our audio library, or upload your own.

Video to MP4

Convert your videos to MP4 online for free

Prep your video for easy editing and sharing across multiple platforms. Use Canva’s free and beginner-friendly video to MP4 converter tool to craft high-quality video content that you can effortlessly edit within minutes.

Video to MP4 Feature
GIF to Video Feature
GIF to Video

Convert your GIF to video online for free

Turn your moving images into dynamic clips with Canva’s GIF to video converter. Convert animated GIFs to MP4 videos you can style with design elements and transitions and share on your social media.

Image Montage

Mix images that tell a story in masterful photomontages

Curate your images in a beautiful photo montage that empowers your visual storytelling. Upload your pictures to combine them with stylish elements and filters from Canva’s free online photo editor.

Image Montage Feature
Circle Crop Feature
Circle Crop

Crop photos and get creative with your framing

Round out the edges of your images and crop the unwanted elements. Bring the focus to the subject with a circle crop. Turn your photo into a perfect circle for profile photos on social media, resumes, or business cards. Use this tool to get creative with photo collages or posters as well.

Brighten Image

Effortlessly enhance and brighten your images

Make your images stand out even without advanced editing skills. With Canva’s beginner-friendly photo enhancement tools, you can improve the overall look of your visual assets in minutes.

Brighten Image Feature
Mirror Images Feature
Mirror Images

See your art reflected with mirror images

Up your photography game with mirror imaging. Use Canva’s easy-to-use design tools to create vertical or horizontal mirror images that can spruce up your posters, banners, and other creative design projects.

Sound Effects for Video

Set the mood of your videos with the best sound effects

Canva’s video editor has a treasure trove of sound effects you can add to your video projects. Amplify your video’s impact with pops, snaps, clinks, cheering voices, and more.

Video SFX Feature
B&W Filter Feature
B&W Image Filter

Ace the vintage look with a black and white filter

Apply a black and white filter to your image seamlessly using our online photo editor. Create a timeless appeal for photos of any size or dimension.

Image Enhancer

Enhance your images and bring them to life

Refine your photos without losing quality. Use our free image enhancer to correct low lighting, increase sharpness, highlight focus, and more. Download your work, and proudly show it off on your social media, presentations, and marketing content.

Image Enhancer Features
Photo Borders Feature
Photo Borders

Elevate your pictures with photo borders

Add photo borders in just a few clicks. From simple outlines to intricate frames, our photo borders refine the presentation of your images. Use them for social media posts, important reports, exhibits, and everything in between.

Flip Image

Take your photography up a notch with flip images

Flip your images to create the ideal shot. Flip horizontally to create a mirror image or flip vertically to add drama. Add your photos to your social media posts, presentations, and more. Our free image flip tool lets you create stunning outputs in just a few clicks.

Flip Image Feature
Merge Videos Feature
Merge Videos

Merge videos together to weave a complete story

Combine videos and images together and watch your story come to life in one, seamless viewing. Use our online video editor and create amazing video content like slideshows, montages, ads, and short films.

Video Transitions

Introducing Video Transitions

No matter the subject or genre, a well-crafted transition can add subtlety and sophistication to a video project. Canva's video editor has free video transitions that you can use to turn your videos into something truly special. Play around with different video transitions and find what works for your project today.

Video Transitions Feature