Create stunning designs with Canva's awesome suite of features

Image Enhancer Features
Image Enhancer

Make stand out photos with Canva’s Image Enhancer

Refine your photos without losing quality. Use our free image enhancer to correct low lighting, increase sharpness, highlight focus, and more. Download your work, and proudly show it off on your social media, presentations, and marketing content.

Photo Borders

Add borders to your photos for a striking effect

Add photo borders in just a few clicks. From simple outlines to intricate frames, our photo borders refine the presentation of your images. Use them for social media posts, important reports, exhibits, and everything in between.

Photo Borders Feature
Flip Image Feature
Flip Image

Flip images to create the perfect shot

Flip your images to create the ideal shot. Flip horizontally to create a mirror image or flip vertically to add drama. Add your photos to your social media posts, presentations, and more. Our free image flip tool lets you create stunning outputs in just a few clicks.

Merge Videos

Tie a story together as you merge videos online

Combine videos and images together and watch your story come to life in one, seamless viewing. Use our online video editor and create amazing video content like slideshows, montages, ads, and short films.

Merge Videos Feature
Video Transitions Feature
Video Transitions

Tell better stories with free video transitions

No matter the subject or genre, a well-crafted transition can add subtlety and sophistication to a video project. Canva's video editor has free video transitions that you can use to turn your videos into something truly special. Play around with different video transitions and find what works for your project today.

Crop Videos

Crop videos to get the perfect frame

Crop your video to cut off any unwanted elements from the top, bottom, left, and right areas of the frame. Zoom in or get a close-up of the subject. Turn your video into a perfect square for Instagram, a vertical video for TikTok, or a widescreen clip for YouTube in a few clicks.

Online Video Recorder Feature Image
Online Video Recorder

Capture every move with our free online video recorder

Easily record a video to explain a topic, demonstrate a process, or showcase your product—right from the Canva dashboard or screens. Whether you’re creating a design on your browser or Canva app on desktop, iOS, or Android, use your facecam or webcam recorder to take a video of yourself or your surroundings.

Video Trimmer

Catch the perfect timing on your clips with Canva’s Video Trimmer

With Canva’s video editor, you can cut videos online for free, in just a few clicks. Trim videos for the best TikTok, Instagram Reels, or other video lengths. Seamlessly split and splice clips for a professional video look and feel.

Video Trimmer Feature Image
Video Resize Feature Image
Video Resize

Resize videos in a few clicks just like magic

Repurpose and resize any video for Instagram, TikTok, IGTV, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more with our premium Magic Resize. Choose from preset video dimensions or enter custom values, all while preserving video quality and no watermarks.

Free Stock Videos

Easy video editing with free stock videos

Create and edit videos on the go with our diverse library of pre-licensed and free stock videos and clips, right from the Canva video editor.

Free Stock Video Feature Image
Canva Live

Get even more out of Canva Presentations

Run live sessions while presenting to drum up audience participation like never before. With a simple 6 digit code, your audience can go to, join the conversation, send reactions, comments, and questions as you present.

PDF Editor

Edit and convert your PDFs into online designs

Import and edit PDF files right into Canva for free. We’ll do our magic to break them down into editable elements so you can convert, annotate, and customize them instantly, just like any design asset. Download your work as SVG, PPT, or print-ready PDF files—all shareable online from the same dashboard.

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Text Animations

Let your words flow with Text Animations

Send your message across in kinetic typography. Apply exciting movements to words in your designs using dynamic text animations. See your ideas in action as they pop, slide, and tumble on your screen.

Curved Text

Tell it with a twist using Curved Text

Give your design an edge over the rest. Curve your text as whole text boxes instead of letters in minutes. Experiment with shaping your texts into circles or arcs, and add your flair into your design.

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Design better together

Move faster and create designs together in real-time. From presentations to Instagram posts and more, you can create a team with Canva and collaborate on any device, anywhere in the world. Forget complicated registrations or approval processes. Simply invite your team, choose their access permissions, and start creating in seconds. Find, join, and create multiple teams for different projects all in one place.


Apply Texture for Homey, Lived-In Designs

When a flat color won’t do, give your designs some texture with Canva! Choose from a wide variety of textured backgrounds, from real-world papers and fabrics to fanciful designs and patterns. Search our image library for textures to accentuate with photo filters and transparency to use in any part of your design.