10 Awesome T-Shirt Ideas for Father’s Day for Every Type of Dad


Let’s be real, coming up with Father’s Day gift ideas is mission impossible. What would you give someone who says he has everything he needs?

Even so, he deserves more than a phone call on his special day.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not give him a T-shirt that you personally designed? Yes, a T-shirt seems like a cliché gift, but the DIY aspect makes all the difference. Your personal touch makes any shirt all the more special.

Creating personalized Father's Day shirts is a bit challenging, especially if you have no design skills. So to help you out, we rounded up 10 shirt ideas for Father's Day that you can take inspiration from. And the best part is, you have ready-made templates that you can easily customize on Canva.

1. For the first-time dad

Being a first-time dad is both exciting and daunting. Make the first-time dad in your life feel a lot more special by giving him a shirt with a picture of his newborn. It’s a heartwarming way to remind him of these precious moments, and he’ll surely treasure it for years to come. Does the photo need a bit of touch-up? No worries. Use the Canva photo editor to enhance or remix your pictures.

2. For the cat dad

If he’s someone who always gives up his favorite spot on the couch so he won’t wake the cat from their nap, then this turquoise, teal, and orange cat T-shirt design is the purr-fect Father's Day gift!

It doesn’t have to be a cat, too. You can put illustrations of dogs, hedgehogs, or any pet that your dad loves.

3. For the funny dad

Does dad always find the perfect pun to make everyone in the room laugh? Whether he’s a master of sarcasm or the king of the dad jokes, he deserves a good laugh for himself, too. This funny Father's Day shirt will do the trick. Share an inside joke? Customize this tee template to tickle his funny bone.

4. For the sweet dad

Is he the kind of dad who never forgets to buy you a sweet treat? Remind him how thoughtful he is with this sweet Father's Day shirt design. Plus points if he loves to bake, too! If not, you can always replace the illustration. We’ve got tons of free icons in our media library, so you’ll find the candies and snacks that you two always share.

5. For the dad who loves to cook

This one’s for the chef of the family—the king of the grill at every weekend barbeque. Your dad will proudly wear this tee and parade his title when you gift him this T-shirt for Father's Day. You can customize the template for every kind of culinary dad, from the prince of pasta to the master of desserts.

6. For the dad who lives for the sports season

If you’ve seen him scream his lungs out every time his favorite team wins, or if he’s always coached you to ace your favorite sport, then he’s definitely a sports guy. Create a custom shirt for Father's Day using this template to thank him for supporting you, taking you to games, and spending a great time with you during NFL nights. Tip: customize the colors to match his favorite sports team!

7. For the cool granddad

There’s always a spoiler in the family, and most of the time, they’re the grandfathers. If your granddad’s hobby is to spoil you and your siblings, this is the perfect time to return the favor. This statement tee is a funny dad T-shirt all fathers will love, especially your old man.

8. For the always-there-to-save-you dad

Fathers, without a doubt, will do whatever it takes to make their family happy, even if it means being away from home to support their needs, waking up early to drive you to school, or staying up all night to build the little birdhouse you requested. This Father's Day T-shirt design will definitely put a smile on his face.

9. For the handy dad

If your dad is the “Mr. Fix-It-All,” get the handyman of the house this shirt to remind him how much you appreciate his skills, effort, and love for the family. You can edit this template and add the tools that your dad always reaches out for.

10. For the ever-supportive dad

The shirt says it all. Your supportive dad deserves to know how great of a father he is, so customize this shirt for him. It’s the kind of gift that he will appreciate (and want to wear), no matter the time of year. You can also make matching shirts for dad and granddad on Father's Day.

Design cool Father’s Day T-shirts on Canva

Ready to design the best shirt for Father's Day? Browse our collection of Father’s Day T-shirt templates and pick the template that matches your dad’s personality. Whether it’s for the first-time dad in your life, the two dads who gave you nothing but the best, your supportive stepdad, a beloved father figure, or your hip and cool granddad, Canva has every design you need.

With Canva’s intuitive tools and ready-made templates, you won’t have to create a tee design from scratch. And you’ll definitely finish it in minutes. Whatever hobbies or interests your father has—burgers, martial arts, baseball, cars—you can make a shirt design out of it.

All you have to do is drag and drop all the graphic design elements onto your chosen template. That’s not all. Besides ease of use, designing a T-shirt on Canva is free, and you don’t need a Canva account to make one. If you go Pro, you’ll access more templates, illustrations, and tools, allowing you to make shirts for your papa, not just for Father’s Day, but for every kind of celebration. Lastly, you can order the shirt you designed from Canva Print.

Design a shirt on Canva today and give your dad the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift he ever received.

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