30 free typewriter fonts

There’s something incredibly charming about typewriters. When you see something that’s been written using a typewriter, you immediately conjure up images of classic writers typing their masterpieces by candlelight, a lovesick poet furiously typing and pouring his heart out on the page, or an early 1990s-era teenager scrambling to type out a last-minute report that’s due in the morning. It’s all sorts of old-school, charming, and brings a strong sense of nostalgia.

Luckily, if you want to create that same kind of nostalgia in your designs, you don’t need to scour the nearest antiques store for an actual typewriter. You can create the same look and feel on your laptop with a typewriter font. And the best part? You can snag some of the best typewriter fonts available for free.

Here are 30 free typewriter fonts to help you create that old-fashioned, hand-typed look and feel in your designs: Free typewriter fonts to use in your next design

1942 Report

Image via FontSquirrel

1942 Report has the look and feel of a “Classified” document from...well, 1942. The inconsistencies with the shading makes it look as though some of the letters (like the capital “B”) have been typed over more than once. When combined with the dramatic ascenders and descenders on the font’s numerals, 1942 Report is a typewriter font that stands out as unique and distinctive—making this a great fit for more creative or artistic design projects.

Kingthings Trypewriter

Image via FontSquirrel

One of the classic characteristics of actual typewriter text is uneven lettering (typically as a result of incorrectly loaded paper). Kingsthings Trypewriter recreates the uneven look of real typewriter text with an uneven baseline and slightly skewed letters. This font would be best suited for more creative designs; the uneven lettering is too casual for a more corporate design.

The casual look perfectly fits the Vintage Yard Sale Poster template. Try changing the fonts here with a typewritten one.

Radio Newsman

Image via 1001 Fonts

If you’re looking for a bold typewriter font, Radio Newsman certainly fits the bill. This strong serif font features a large, bold letterform that conveys a feeling of strength and confidence—which would make it a great choice for more corporate brands that want to instill trust in their audience.

Junko's Typewriter

Image via 1001 Fonts

The different sizes and angles of each letter in Junko’s Typewriter Font (paired with the random splotches that mimic ink stains on paper) make for a contemporary, whimsical font that is far from your run-of-the-mill typewriter text. While this font is too whimsical for more traditional designs, it would make a welcome addition for more funky, laid-back, or creative brands or design projects.

Erika Ormig

Image via 1001 Fonts

There’s something very traditional about typewriter fonts (they predate computers, after all!). And if you want to stick to a traditional look and feel with your designs, Erika Ormig, with its traditional serif and slightly bold appearance, is a safe choice.

Compagnon Roman

Image via FontSquirrel

At first glance, Compagnon Roman may look like your typical typewriter font—but this unique font is anything but. Front the mix of rounded spurs and traditional serifs to the flattened loop on the lowercase “g,” this font has enough unexpected features to lend a distinctive feel to designs. Compagnon Roman is a great bridge between more traditional and more artistic fonts—making this a font choice that would work equally well for both corporate and creative designs.


Image via FontSquirrel

Conspiracy is another font that recreates the look and feel of real typewriter text with an uneven baseline and irregular shading (which mimics the look of a typewriter that’s lightly stamped the page). This font has a funky, casual feel—so if funky and casual is what you’re going for, this font would be a great choice for your designs.

Like the look and feel of the Conspiracy font? Capture the same look and feel in your design with Canva’s Typewriter Quote Black and White Poster template.

Harting Plain

Image via FontSquirrel

Thanks to its irregular shading, Harting Plain has the look and feel of a typewriter that’s running out of ink. While this font won’t be the best choice if you need your text to stand out or jump off the page, it’s a great choice if you want to take a more subtle approach.

Nimbus Mono

Image via FontSquirrel

Nimbus Mono is simple, straightforward, and traditional—basically exactly what you’d expect if you sat down at an old-school typewriter to hammer out text. This font would be an ideal choice for brands or designs that need a more traditional look and feel.

Secret Typewriter

Image via FontSquirrel

For the most part, Secret Typewriter is a standard typewriter font. What makes it stand out? It’s narrow spacing, which makes for a less formal feel that would work well for more laid back brands or designs.

Veteran Typewriter

Image via 1001 Fonts

Like the look of Secret Typewriter but want a little bit of a bolder, bigger feel? Tru Veteran Typewriter, which has the same look as Secret Typewriter—just with a bit more spacing between each letter.

Monospace Medium

Image via 1001 Fonts

Monospace Medium is a fairly straightforward typewriter font, with the exception of one feature—the serifs. From the cropped serifs on the “M” to the curved serifs on the “s,” Monospace Medium puts a fun, unexpected twist on the traditional serif that lends a unique edge to the font—which means it could work equally as well for more corporate, traditional designs as well as more fun, creative projects.

Get the look by replacing the main font of Vintage Bordered Car Wash Poster template with the Monospace Medium.

McGarey Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

McGarey Regular has thin lettering, uneven shading, and slightly rounded serifs, all of which come together for a typewriter font that feels modern, approachable, and softer than its more traditional counterparts (without feeling overly feminine or delicate). This is a great font choice for brands who want to create a distinctive look and feel to their designs without straying too far from traditional territory.

Draconian Typewriter

Image via Font Meme

Draconian Typewriter is a truly unique and interesting font. From the uneven letter sizing (just look at the size of the “y” compared to the “p”), wide spacing between letters, and shading that resembles ink blots on a page (for example, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the eye of the “e” from the rest of the letter face), there’s nothing cookie cutter about this font—which makes it a great choice for brands or designs that want to stand out.


Most typewriter fonts take the traditional approach; black ink on white paper. But Xerography flips that traditional approach on its side, instead creating the look of white ink on black paper. This font also stands out by blocking out each letter, creating a collage-like appearance that looks like it could be clipped from a magazine. Xenography will lend a crafty, DIY feel to your typography—making it perfect for more artistic design projects (like magazine covers, book covers, or posters).

The artistic typography of Xerography makes it a great fit for more creative designs, like book covers. Get a jump start on your book design cover with Canva’s Grey Old Typewriter Vintage Wattpad Book Cover template.

BPtypewrite Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

BPtypewrite Regular has a different look and feel from most typewriter fonts. The mix of traditional serif and more modern sans serif lettering—along with the narrow look and feel of each letterface—makes for a unique (and unexpected) addition to the typewriter font category. BPtypewrite Regular is the perfect font choice for corporate brands who want a non-traditional typewriter font that will help them break through the clutter and grab people’s attention.

1952 Rheinmetall

Image via Font Meme

1952 Rheinmetall is everything a typewriter font should be. All the small details—from the serif style to the vintage feel of the numbers—make for a font that would be just as much at home on the pages of a retro typewriter as they are on a modern day computer screen. If you want to lend a retro feel to your designs, this font would be a definite fit.

RM Typerighter old

Image via 1001 Fonts

RM Typerighter old has a classic feel. But the overall roundness of the fonts and slightly uneven lettering keep it from feeling too traditional—making this a great choice for more contemporary designs.

Typewriter fonts like RM Typerighter old can also lend a classic, nostalgic feel to birthday cards. Capture the look with a similar font, with Canva’s White Black Rose Typewriter Font Birthday Card template.

Cuomotype Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Inspired by a typewriter font from the early 1970s, Cuomotype Regular’s block-style letters have a definite retro feel. This font would be a great choice for any brands looking to capture a throwback, nostalgic charm in their designs.

Cutive Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Simple, straightforward, and traditional, Cutive Regular isn’t reinventing the wheel—but it takes all the classic characteristics of a typewriter font and does them exceedingly well, making for a clean and professional style that would be ideal for more corporate designs.

Nixie One Regular

Image via 1001 Fonts

Nixie One Regular has a thinner weight that most typewriter fonts, which can lend a more elegant, delicate feel to designs. If you want to embrace the typewriter trend without going too bold with your typography, this is a great font choice.

TypeWrong Smudged

Image via 1001 Fonts

On the flipside, TypeWrong Smudged is a font with a heavier weight—so if you want the traditional typewriter style with a bit of a bolder look and feel, Typewrong Smudged will get you there.

JMH Typewriter

Image via Font Meme

Medium weight? Check. Serif? Check. Slightly uneven shading? Check. JMH Typewriter is about as classic a typewriter font as you’ll find—so if you’re going for a classic look, this one’s a slam dunk.

Fonts like JHM Typewriter have a classic, professional look that’s perfect for business cards. Get that same classic professionalism in your business card design with Canva’s Black and White Vintage Typewriter Business Card template.

Zai Consul Polish Typewriter

Image via Font Meme

Zai Consul Polish Typewriter has a smudged look that gives it an edgier feel that more traditional typewriter fonts—so if you’re going for a more edgy, daring look in your designs, this is definitely a font you’ll want to consider.

Typist’s Pseudonym

Image via Font Meme

With its narrow lettering and handwriting-inspired style, Typist’s Pseudonym isn’t your typical typewriter font—so if you’re looking to do something different and unique while still sticking to the typewriter category, this would be a solid choice.

Maquina de Escribir

Image via Font Meme

Maquina de Escribir is another typewriter font with an uneven baseline, mimicking the look and feel of a typewriter typing on paper at a slight angle. Some letter combinations are more skewed than others (notice the “ina” in the title is especially uneven), making for a visually interesting font that will lend a unique and fun feel to designs.


Image via Font Meme

Radio has a slightly uneven baseline, which—along with the uneven shading and slightly skewed spacing between letters—lends an authentic typewriter feel to the font. If you want a real “I typed this on a typewriter look” to your designs, Radio is the way to go.


Image via Font Meme

If you had a typewriter that sprayed ink every time you typed a letter, the end result would probably look something like Schreibmaschine. Schreibmaschine combines elements of graphic and typewriter fonts—and while this font obviously won’t be the right for every design, it does lend an artistic, avant-garde flair that could work for more creative brands or design projects.

Smith-Corona EC1100

Image via Font Meme

Smith-Corona EC1100 has some interesting details you don’t see in many other typewriter fonts, like the gaps in certain letters (like the capital “C”), the varying styles and weights of the serifs, and the artistic touches (like the lowercase “i,” which has a graphic feel). All of these details make for a unique font that will help designs—both traditional and modern, corporate and casual—stand out.

Add extra character to your design with a typewritten font. Get the look with the Cream with Plum Vintage Sketch Vintage Menu.

Hand Typist

Image via Font Meme

If you crossed a handwriting font with a typewriter font, you’d get Hand Typist. This font definitely has the typewriter look and feel—but the artistic details and slightly skewed letters also give it a handwritten charm you won’t find with more traditional typewriting fonts. This is a great choice if you want your designs to feel approachable and slightly whimsical.

Type your way to great design

Typewriters have a certain charm to them. And with these free typewriter fonts, you can create the same kind of charm in your designs. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and type your way to charming and unique designs—and do it for free!

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