5 Easy Tips for Terrific Titles

Titles are a feature element – they’re meant to stand out. They act like a hook to draw viewers into your content, so it’s important to make sure they look great in the limelight!

The style of your titles can be anywhere from bold and loud – to delicate and subtle. Apply these five tips to your designs to create titles that stand out, look beautiful and reflect your unique design style.

01. Centre align your titles greatest impact


Titles are meant to stand out! Make them a central focus by aligning them in the centre of your composition.

This works well with background images that aren’t too busy. For example, see the clear ocean setting above.

02. Align to the right


Take advantage of copy space in your images and align your title to the right. Try adding a line underneath your title or subtitle to create emphasis.

03. Align to the left


Tailor your title to your image copy space. Using a thick and thin font together can also help your title jump off the page.

04. Use letter spacing to line up your title and subtitle


Use letter spacing to line up your title and subtitle text.

The letter spacing on the line ‘Botanica Experts’ has been increased to line up with ‘Feature’. Also try using a color from your background image to make your title text pop.

05. Match line width by increasing your title size


Another way to make lines of your text line up is to increase the size of a particular word.

The size of ‘Automotive’ has been increased to match the subtitle of this graphic. This also helps create typographic hierarchy, which draws the viewers attention to the largest word first.

Titles are a critical part of many designs. Put these tips into practice by trying the interactive tutorial below– you’re just a click away from becoming a title pro!

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