70 awesome design boards to follow on Pinterest

70 Awesome design boards to follow on pinterest - Featured Image

Inspiration is a fickle old thing.

Sometimes you’re inspired to create and make and build and design just about anything. The ideas flow quicker than early morning coffee.

And then there are the days where you aren’t.

Where it seems like you’ll never have a good idea, and that everything you try to make just feels…wrong.

And it’s on those days you have two options:

  1. Throw in the towel for the day
  2. Find inspiration elsewhere

There’s no right choice here (unless your deadline is tomorrow), but if you’re the kind of designer who likes to plough on and get work done, this article is the resource for you.

You’re about to find 70 inspiring Pinterest design boards that are guaranteed to inspire your creative genius, for free, and get you on the road to your next great design.


01. Design Quixotic

Typography Design Quixotic

This Design Quixotic(opens in a new tab or window) board brings together typefaces from all forms of design – advertising, web design and the wonderfully calligraphic – making it the perfect swipe file for when you’re really stuck for ideas.

02. From Up North

Typography From Up North

If you’re looking for bold, clean and powerful type ideas, From Up North(opens in a new tab or window) have created a board filled with them. From the quirky, to the psychedelic and the in-your-face, there’s endless inspiration to be found here.

03. Jeremy Pruitt

Typography Jeremy Pruitt

Looking for some 20th-century inspiration, without having to visit your local museum? Jeremy Pruitt’s(opens in a new tab or window) board has you covered.

04. Robert Mann

Typography Robert Mann

If you’re looking for ideas to turn your favorite quote into a motivational work of art, go no further than Robert Mann(opens in a new tab or window). You might even come away more motivated than you were to start with, too.

05. Eduardo Dosua

Typography Eduardo Dosua

Like your lettering edgy and impactful? Eduardo Dosua(opens in a new tab or window) has created a board that sits somewhere between Tony Hawks Pro-Skater and Once Upon A Time In The West to give you some high-quality inspiration.

06. Dinosaur Dances

Typography Dinosaur Dances

Got a penchant for the handwritten? Dinosaur Dances(opens in a new tab or window) shows you simple, elegant ways to use it for a big impact.

07. Maria Fidalgo

Typography Maria Fidalgo

This is one of my personal favorites on the list. Maria(opens in a new tab or window) brings together typography, not just as lettering, but as imagery to convey powerful emotion and thoughts. Typography with an out of the box approach.

08. Rin Dawson

Typography Rin Dawson

If you like your Typography and Photography mixed, Rin Dawson(opens in a new tab or window) brings together an eclectic mix of hipster, digital and handwritten designs to incorporate with your hero images.

09. Jojoba Oil

Typography Jojoba Oil

Typography logos are so hot right now (yeah, I watched Zoolander last night), and Jojoba Oil’s(opens in a new tab or window) board brings together some of the cleanest logos from around the web.

10. Itziar San Vicente

Typography Itziar San Vicente

If you’re looking for a little more of a laid back and happy feel for your designs, Itziar has a board(opens in a new tab or window) for you. They bring together simple, emotional typefaces guaranteed to make you smile.

Color inspiration

11. Brandon Lesley

Colour Inspiration Brandon Lesley

This is one of those boards you just want to look at, whether you’re designing or otherwise. Brandon brings together(opens in a new tab or window) colors from around the world to give your designs depth, power and beauty.

12. Gabrielle Cosco

Colour Inspiration Gabrielle Cosco

Gabrielle’s color board(opens in a new tab or window) goes a step further than a lot of others, by not only giving you an image for inspiration, but a pre-designed palate to go with it. It’s ideal if you just want to crack on with your design.

13. Heather Downunder

Colour Inspiration Heather Downunder

Heather(opens in a new tab or window) believes that everything you do must have the ‘UH UH!’ factor for it to be worthwhile. And her choice in colors shows it. You’ll not find a single pin here that doesn’t jump off the screen and right in to your designs. All of the colors she uses are vibrant, bold and emotional.

14. Dawn Nicole

Colour Inspiration Dawn Nicole

A softer approach than the last board, Dawn(opens in a new tab or window) focuses more on the softer, pastel color approach to web design. Perfect for those chilled out, dreamy designs.

15. Maia McDonald Smith

Colour Inspiration Maia McDonald Smith

Color theory for graphic designers, through the eyes of an illustrator. If you’re looking for a more unconventional palate, you’re in the right place(opens in a new tab or window).

16. Ruslan Mashkov

Colour Inspiration Ruslan Maszkow

Ruslan’s board(opens in a new tab or window), Color, focuses on all aspects of color. From the psychology and impact on the audience, through to what blends well, and everything in between. A great place to head if you’re not too sure what you want your design to say yet.

17. Rebecca Finn

Colour Inspiration Rebecca Finn

This board(opens in a new tab or window) looks at color from a print perspective, showing you palates that are proven on the front covers of magazines, to 1950’s medicine bottles and art nouveau CD cases.

18. Yatir Kaaren

Colour Inspiration Yatir Kaaren

This isn’t your run of the mill color board. In fact, it’s not supposed to be a color board at all. But what ties together all of the pins Yatir(opens in a new tab or window) shares is their different, almost cartoon-like, color schemes that leave a lasting impression on you.

19. Kayla Lamoreaux

Colour Inspiration Kayla Lamoreaux

If you want your designs to have that natural beauty look, these soft, honey-dripped color palettes from Kayla(opens in a new tab or window) will steer you right.

20. Anne Marker

Colour Inspiration Anne Marker

Anne’s board(opens in a new tab or window) pins together pinks, peaches and natural colors that you would usually find in the makeup aisle, and shows them as easy-to-use web design colors. Perfect for anyone in the fashion or interior design niches.

Layout ideas

21. Sean Booth

Layout Ideas Sean Booth

This is my favorite board on the whole list. Sean’s pins(opens in a new tab or window) are all about levels and depth. All of the designs he shares pop off the page, and the screen, and provide lots of inspiration for any layout you want to catch attention and draw intrigue.

22. Daniel Abrahams

Layout Ideas Daniel Abrahams

Daniel’s layout board(opens in a new tab or window) focuses on modern print and advertising. These are the sort of quirky layouts you’d find making up music, festival and brand posters on walls in artsy cities. If you feel your designs need the power of space, you’ll find a lot of inspiration here.

23. aDONNAdesign

Layout Ideas aDONNAdesign

This is one of those boards(opens in a new tab or window) that’s great to draw inspiration from at the start of project, when you’re trying to get a feel for your next idea. To give you the freshest ideas, aDonnadesign brings a mix of everything from print to cinema tickets and bag designs.

24. Joy Cho

Layout Ideas Joy Cho

Modern layouts for any project. Joy also pins a lot of process picture, so not only do you get a feel for the designs, but you can see where they’ve come from, too.

25. Lindsay Pasichnyk

Layout Ideas Lindsay Pasichnyk

If you’ve decided on your Typography, but are looking for new ways to lay it out, Lindsay has a board(opens in a new tab or window) full of simple designs from across the board – print, web, and mobile – all for you to play around with.

26. Josue Solana

Layout Ideas Josue Solano

This is a board(opens in a new tab or window) designed to capture your heart and your imagination. Josue’s pins are either heartstring-tugging, or making you look at layouts in a new, never-before-seen light.

27. Graeme McCree

Layout Ideas Graeme McCree

Inspiration through Geography. All of the layout pins on Graeme’s board(opens in a new tab or window) are inspired by either places, or brands that care about them. If you’re looking for a (not so) close to home feel, there are plenty of ideas to wet your creative whistle.

28. Paula Cevasco

Layout Ideas Paula Cevasco

This is another board(opens in a new tab or window) for the not-quite-so-sure-what-to-do designer. It boasts not only new takes on old layout ideas, but links to awesome content that can give you some more inspiration, too.

29. Rusty C. Cook

Layout Ideas Rusty C Cook

Want a simple, easy to digest idea for your next print layout? Look no further than this board by Rusty(opens in a new tab or window). Elegant, simplistic and with little room for error.

30. Mike D

Layout Ideas Mike D

There’s a reason this board has 1.6 million followers. It’s because no matter what design you’re trying to create, there is a pin here that caters to it. Sports, music, advertising and the downright curious – it’s all here(opens in a new tab or window).

Creative Photography

31. Brandon Lesley

Creative Photography - Brandon Lesley

Looking for a little more of a gentlemanly feel to your designs? Brandon’s board(opens in a new tab or window) has the perfect collection that wouldn’t look out of place anywhere from Esquire through to the Art of Manliness.

32. Photodoto

Creative Photography - Photodoto

This is a board for the art of photography. Not only has Photodoto(opens in a new tab or window) brought together some beautifully creative pictures, but she’s also got a constant stream of How To content for you to improve your own images, too.

33. Maia McDonald Smith

Creative Photography - Maia McDonald Smith

Maia is the art director(opens in a new tab or window) at Rue Magazine, and with good reason – she’s got a keen eye for creative photographs. If you’re in the print world, this board provides a constant stream of good ideas for your next shoot.

34. Jane Wang

Creative Photography - Jane Wang

Jane may not actually be a Chin-Strap Penguin from Antarctica. But what she is, is one of the most-followed designers on Pinterest. And this Photography board(opens in a new tab or window) combines the elegant and simple with the bright and obnoxious to create the perfect contrast to get your creative mind ticking over.

35. Jeremy Cowart

Creative Photography - Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy shares(opens in a new tab or window) people orientated photography, with a dark edge. Think of this board as the Pinterest equivalent of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. If you want to create some strong emotions, this is the board you need.

36. iPhone Photography

Creative Photography - iPhone Photography

The iPhone is now responsible for the world’s most popular camera. And as smartphones grow, so too do their photography abilities. This board(opens in a new tab or window) is a testament to what you can do on your phone, and why you might not need that $500 lens after all.

37. Lara Jade

Creative Photography - Lara Jade

Classy, elegant and timeless. This is the Audrey Hepburn of Pinterest boards. If you’re looking for a female print of fashion inspiration, you’re in the right place on Lara’s board.(opens in a new tab or window)

38. Ccil

Creative Photography - Ccil

Ccil has collected(opens in a new tab or window) abstract photos of the real world. These images all throw lighting, filtering and the rule of thirds out the window to create some truly inspirational images.

39. Doug Harrington

Creative Photography - Doug Harrington

This board can be summed up in one word – epic. The photograph’s Doug pins(opens in a new tab or window) make you feel like a spec of dust on the face of the earth. If you’re trying to capture some of the true emotions in life, this is a well of great images to draw from.

40. StudioGabe

Creative Photography - StudioGabe

Be ready for images that make you go, “Ooh!” on this board(opens in a new tab or window). This is the perfect collection if you’re trying to take your photographs outside of the normal realms and strive for a totally new concept.

Website layout

41. Michal Galubinski

Web Design Michal Galubinski

Michal’s board(opens in a new tab or window) has a flair for those flat, clean and responsive sites. There’s a full smorgasbord of ideas, with sites from all over the globe, to show you how effective a simple web design can be.

42. Tom Duke

Web Design Tom Duke

This board(opens in a new tab or window) brings you inspiration for a business orientated website. Showing you examples of how big brands like IKEA and AUDI (to name a few) have put their own spins on already effective ideas.

43. Gustavo Girard

Web Design Gustavo Girard

If you prefer looking at Case Studies for inspiration, this board from Gustavo(opens in a new tab or window) puts together some great examples from all walks of (internet) life: video games, retail, fashion and music – to give you a more comprehensive swipe file for your next web design.

44. Awwwards

Web Design Awwwards

Want your designs to have a sense of adventure? Look no further than this board from Awwwards(opens in a new tab or window). From skate brands, to skydiving, you’ll be inspired to do something after a quick look here.

45. Kayla Meyer

Web Design Kayla Meyer

Looking for a more chic source of inspiration? Kayla’s board(opens in a new tab or window) is filled with pins of the latest fashionista and cutting edge fashion sites for you.

46. Stephanie Shaubroeack

Web Design Stephanie Schaubroeck

Web design with a more European twist to it. Stephanie likes to pin(opens in a new tab or window) lots of Mobile and Responsive designs too, just to give you a little flavour beyond the desktop.

47. Thomas Le Corre

Web Design Thomas Le Corre

Thomas’s board(opens in a new tab or window) is a great source of inspiration if you’re designing for a local business, or on a budget. Instead of just plush, top of the line designs, he also showcases some great small-site designs too.

48. Miagrphx

Web Design Miagrphx

Looking for that hipster, urban, slightly edgy vibe? Miagrphx has pooled together the cream of the crop right here(opens in a new tab or window).

49. From up north

Web Design From Up North

Okay, so they make this list for the second time. But, for good reason. If you’re not sure what sort of website you’re looking to create, From Up North have a vast range of designs(opens in a new tab or window), sites and layouts to check out.

50. I Am Here

Web Design I Am Here

I Am Here’s(opens in a new tab or window) board aims to bring the hottest new layouts to you as soon as they hit Pinterest. If you want to inspire a design that’s pushing the fold, you cannot go wrong here.

Print design

51. Kayla Meyer

Print Design - Kayla Meyer

Not only does Kayla have a keen eye for Web Design, but for print too. This board(opens in a new tab or window), all about Flyers and Posters is perfect for any design that needs to grab attention, without losing its fun side.

52. Rebecca Finn

Print Design - Rebecca Finn

Rebecca’s pins(opens in a new tab or window) are a little out there as print designs. They fall somewhere between modern art and a coffee table book. But they are an incredible resource for learning about creative use of space in print.

53. Emma Farley

Print Design - Emma Farley

Emma pins(opens in a new tab or window) the best quality magazine covers from all genres to inspire you. If magazine inspiration is what you need, Emma delivers the best, no fluff work.

54. Daniel Bear Hunley

Print Design - Daniel Bear Hunley

Want to create a sleek design for your wall instead of the page? Daniel has some(opens in a new tab or window) great pieces pinned to help you find that big idea.

55. Chad Syme

Print Design - Chad Syme

This is one of my favourite print boards. Chad pins(opens in a new tab or window) designs from obscure rail tickets, to mainstream magazines, through to the downright absurd. If you need inspiration for anything you can hold in your hands, here it is.

56. Michael Zigenhagen

Print Design - Michael Zigenhagen

Michael’s board(opens in a new tab or window) brings it back to basics. Bold, simplistic print with a big focus on the power of Typography. And, there’s a few quirky abstract designs thrown in for good measure.

57. Rebecca Finn

Print Design - Rebecca Finn-2

As a writer, book designs have always fascinated me. And this board(opens in a new tab or window) offers a great collection of the quality of designs you would want to see for your own book.

58. William Marx Purper

Print Design - William Marx Purper

Corporate prints with an edgy flavour. If you’re looking to revamp business cards, flyers or even just your company’s stationery, you would do well to start here(opens in a new tab or window).

59. Thomas Le Corre

Print Design - Thomas Le Corre

This is one of those boards that just reeks of cool. All of Thomas’s(opens in a new tab or window) pins showcase print designs that have been strongly influenced by the web.

60. Carlos Rodriguez Santaella

Print Design - Carlos Rodriguez Santaella

Carlos’s board(opens in a new tab or window) looks at the joy of print on a smaller scale. Clothing tags, business cards, leaflets and even lanyards make an appearance here. Great small designs that need a huge impact.

Icons and infographics

61. Daniel Abrahams

Icon and Infographics Daniel Abrahams

This is one of the most fun boards(opens in a new tab or window) you’ll ever see on Pinterest. Daniel doesn’t have any Infographics, but you can guarantee he’s found a pin of your favourite character or item in icon form. Great for those light-hearted projects.

62. Inspiration Feed

Icon and Infographics Inspiration Feed

Okay, so this is technically a logo board(opens in a new tab or window). But all of the logos are icon based, and they’re a real showcase of what you can achieve in just a few pixels.

63. Canva

Icon and Infographics Inspiration Feed

Not to sound too boastful, but we’ve got a great collection of Infographic pins over on our own Pinterest board. The only downfall is you could spend hours here without realizing (you’ve been warned).

64. Creative Market

Icon and Infographics Creative Market

This board(opens in a new tab or window) is what you’d call a win/win. Not only is it filled with quirky, artsy Infographics, but it’s also a great source of interesting information for creatives too. A great place to come when you’re feeling really uninspired.

65. Rusty C. Cook

Icon and Infographics Rusty C Cook

Rusty’s made the list again(opens in a new tab or window), and with good reason. This icon board is top of the range. They’ve all got a little more of a bohemian, hipster feel that wouldn’t look out of place on a clay coffee cup. But they could be just what inspires your next great icon.

66. Ruslan Maszkow

Icon and Infographics Ruslan Maszkow

This board(opens in a new tab or window) has some of the most simple icon ideas you’ll find across Pinterest. But that doesn’t make them any less effective. Day-to-day style icons that anyone can resonate with.

67. Jerry The Punk Rat

Icon and Infographics Jerry The Punk Rat]

Another icon and logo hybrid. The cool thing about this board(opens in a new tab or window) is that a lot of the icons make use of negative space, which makes your designs that little bit more interesting.

68. Miagrphx

IIcon and Infographics Miagraphx

This is the most diverse Infographic board on the list. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill social media graphics either;Miagraphx has put together(opens in a new tab or window) everything from sports to interior designs, through to how to create a town map. Great inspiration if you’re really not sure how your topic should look as a graphic.

69. Tin Jiun Guo

Icon and Infographics Ting Jiun Guo

Tin’s board(opens in a new tab or window) shows the real-life side of using icons. From how designers are using them, to what makes an ironic icon. Great board, great fun.

70. Asami Kato

Icon and Infographics Asami Kato

Last, but by no means least, is this board(opens in a new tab or window) from Asami Kato. There’s over 120 Infographics for you to sink your teeth in to here, from all types of niches, for that last little bit of inspiration.

Inspired? Start designing!

Phew…you made it to the end, well done.

Hopefully in there you’ve found some new sources of inspiration that are going to carry you through any (and all) the projects you’ve got coming up.

So, question for you:

Which of the design boards is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments…

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