Have you discovered the treasure trove of AI tools in Canva that can help you create better presentations faster? Within the Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window), there are powerful AI apps that can help you create beautiful, consistently styled slides that will grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged throughout the presentation. Here’s how to use AI design(opens in a new tab or window) for image, music, voice narration, and avatar apps for your next presentation.

What are Canva Apps?

Canva Apps are clever integrations that help supercharge your Canva editor. You can use them to bypass pain points in your workflow whether you’re creating a video, doc or presentation. Explore all Canva Apps at the bottom of the side panel.

Create consistent and engaging imagery for your presentation in seconds

One of the most challenging and critical aspects of any presentation is finding consistent and unique imagery to engage your audience. Whether you’re presenting a board report, briefing a client or pitching a campaign concept, cohesive imagery helps you tell a better story and elevate your presentation.

How to use Magic Media™ apps in Canva to create consistent imagery

Instead of wasting precious time scrolling through image libraries, try some of the AI image generator apps in the Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window). Canva’s Magic Media tool lets you type what you’d like to see, and watch it come to life(opens in a new tab or window). Let’s take a closer look at how to use it to create more engaging AI presentations(opens in a new tab or window).

Go the side menu in the editor and click on Apps then search 'Magic Media' in the search bar. Use it in an existing or new presentation.

2. Craft your prompt

We’re going to create a presentation to launch a new mobile app, so we want to include someone using a mobile phone. Our online AI portrait generator(opens in a new tab or window) can create the perfect face you envision to represent your brand. To make it more engaging, I’m going to ask Magic Media to create an image of a 'Panda using a mobile phone', and to keep with the tech theme of this presentation, let’s add 'in space' at the end.

Before: boring, corporate imagery.

After: fun, consistent and engaging imagery.

3. Choose your style

Finally, we need to choose a style – this is the key to keeping your imagery consistent throughout your presentation. Choose the same style for each image and keep the prompt details aligned with your preferred style. For example, if I had a statistics slide, I could use a prompt like 'panda with glasses holding a calculator surrounded by statistics in space'.

4. Try other AI image-generator apps

Searching for a different style of image? Try a different AI image generator app.

If you want to create new icons, stickers, logos for your presentation, try Illustroke(opens in a new tab or window). For an illustrated or anime style, try Mojo(opens in a new tab or window). Other image generators available on the Apps Marketplace include Dall-E(opens in a new tab or window), which is great for photorealistic images, and Imagen(opens in a new tab or window), powered by Google Cloud.

How to use AI music-generator apps in Canva for your presentation

Music is a clever way to add a new dimension to your presentation. Create a music intro, backing track, punctuate specific slides with music or help create anticipation as people wait to join a video call. Here’s how to make music with the Soundraw app.

Back in the side menu in the editor and click on Apps then search 'music' in the search bar and click on 'Soundraw'. Use it in an existing or new presentation.

2. Write your prompt and choose your options

Soundraw(opens in a new tab or window) lets your create the perfect backing track in five clicks. Staying with our space theme, let’s go for a 'mysterious' mood and an 'ambient' genre and 'cinematic' theme and make it 300 seconds. We can add this to the first slide to help build anticipation as we wait for everyone to join the meeting.

3. Customize the song to suit your needs

If your generated song isn’t quite what you’re looking for, it’s super simple to edit. Just tweak your prompt, try 'suspense, orchestra and nature' instead and generate a new song. You can also edit the tempo of each section of the video to suit your needs, from 'quiet' to 'intense'. If you like a song but the intro is too upbeat, you can make it softer with a click. Conversely, if you want to make a section of the track more 'intense', it’s easy to do.

How to create an AI narrator for your presentation

Whether you want a fresh voice in the room, or want to customize the presenter for different audiences or languages, AI voice apps can help. Save time by creating a quick voice-over, changing language, gender or accent for greater impact.

Go to the Apps Marketplace in the side menu and search for 'voice'. Two of our favourites are Murf(opens in a new tab or window) and AiVOOV(opens in a new tab or window), let’s see how you can generate a narrator with Murf.

2. Choose your language, voice, style and more.

Quickly login, it’s free and you get 10 free minutes of voice generation, then you’re ready to create realistic voiceovers in multiple languages. Start by selecting your language, choose a voice, enter your text and then select a style. Adjust the speed and pitch to best suit your presentation needs.

AI-generated avatars for your Canva presentation

Take your presentation to new heights with an AI-generated avatar narrator. Create a realistic avatar in the same style as your slide images for visual continuity, or use a celebrity, animal or cartoon character. Or try adding an avatar at the beginning or middle of your presentation to surprise and delight your audience.

Go to the App Marketplace in the side menu and search for 'avatar presenter'. Three of our favourites are Avatars by NeiroAI(opens in a new tab or window), HeyGen AI Avatars(opens in a new tab or window) and D-ID AI Avatars(opens in a new tab or window). Let’s see how to make an avatar with HeyGen AI Avatars.

2. Creating an AI avatar in Canva

In the HeyGen AI Avatars(opens in a new tab or window) app, choose your avatar from a sea of friendly faces, select your view mode and the background color. Add your script then select the voice and language you need. Preview the voice to adjust before generating your AI presenter avatar.

Level-up your next presentation with AI apps

These are just a handful of the powerful AI apps you can use to create your next presentation. Explore the Canva Apps Marketplace(opens in a new tab or window) to discover new tools to help take your presentations to new heights.

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