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Learning from people who have paved the way in blogging and social media is very helpful to new bloggers. We caught up with Aaron Lee and asked him a few questions about how he plans his day and gets things done. You're sure to learn some tops to be a better blogger yourself by learning from Aaron.

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1Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Ni nao (hello), I’m Aaron Lee or better known as @askaaronlee on Twitter. I am the Grand Master of Customer Delight on Post Planner. My job is to make sure our customers are happy with our product. That involves me working with the team to give awesome customer service, writing and giving awesome tips on our blog and working to improve features on our platform.

2How did you first get into blogging?

Back in 2008, I got the Napoleon Hill’s ‘think and grow rich book’ from a tutor. It opened my eyes to the possibility of wealth and freedom. The same day I went to the book store, bought a book about making a living through blogs. Few days later I started out writing about coffee because I didn’t know what else to write about. I was so passionate about coffee it, I thought, hey why not write about it and pick up blogging along the way and try to perfect my craft. Then I started my Twitter account to help promote the blog. I started engaging with lots of different people and a lot of them started asking me about social media. I gave up my blog and I started askaaronlee.com to write about social media to answer their questions. Long story short, I drink a lot of coffee while writing these days.

3What does a typical day involve for you?

Since Post Planner allows me the freedom to work from home, I would wake up, ‘kick ass’ as Grand Master of Customer Delight, workout, ‘kick ass’ again, and go to bed. That’s basically what I do most days. Of course it’s more complicated than it looks, but we need more coffee if I were to go through them.

4Where are you most creative?

I don’t have a specific place but I am most creative when I am disconnected from the internet, whether it’s working out, on a run, showering, cooking, or reading a book. What works best for the right side of my brain is traveling because that is when I get to be disconnected from the internet the most.

5What are the top three blogs you read

Ouch! So tough to pick only three blogs. I would say:

  1. Forbes
  2. Business Insider
  3. Fast Company

6When did you become interested in blogging?

The idea came to me when I I stumbled upon a book like I mentioned earlier.  However, I become more interested when I found articles by Chris Brogan and Problogger when browsing the web. In one of Chris’s blog there was an article on ‘social media for your resume’ and Chris talks about using blogs as resumes. I spent the next few hours reading his blog posts. That was probably the time I decided to start blogging.

7How do you use visuals with your blog?

Visuals are the essence of every blog post. It’s a must have element for every blog. I use it to attract people to click on my blog post. I tend to go with simple photos that could be interpreted with many ways such as backgrounds, cities, people, and nature. I usually don’t like to overcomplicate visuals.

8What are your top three tips for brands using social media?

The first tip would be to start listening first. Brands tend to make a mistake by constantly promoting their product all the time without actually paying attention to their fans. The second tip is to have a ratio. While it’s okay to "Promote", brands need to mix it up with two other P’s which are: "Personal" and "Purpose". Personal would be posts behind the scenes or customers related and Purpose would be value-added posts such as tips on how to use their products. The third would be consistency. I’ve seen countless brands on social media which aren’t consistent enough. The only time they would post is when they have something to promote. That doesn’t work. To be memorable, you have to be consistent.

9What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

This is tough because I’m humbled by all the opportunities that I get. I would say the highlight would be being able to get my work recognized by appearing on interviews such as this to being in a Forbes Top 50 list.

10Which app or website could you not live without?

There are four apps that I use every day.

  1. Flipboard
  2. Canva
  3. Twitter iOS app
  4. Post Planner (disclosure: I work for them)

11How do you approach writing a blog post? Any tips?

I get all my ideas by listening to what people want. That can happen through interaction with people on Twitter, through emails or simply through paying attention to what people are asking on social media platforms. I’ll keep everything on a notepad and I’ll go through the ideas and write about it.

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Thank you to Aaron for sharing some of his social media blogging world with us! Hope you're inspired to continue your blogging mission.

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