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The invitations to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the hottest ticket in town. And there’s no doubt the dress, the cake and the flowers will influence thousands of weddings over the coming years, just as Prince William and Kate Middleton’s did.

Are you planning a wedding to rival Harry and Meghan’s? Then you need a wedding invitation(opens in a new tab or window) that befits royalty.

The original invitations are estimated to have cost US $10 000, using bespoke techniques like custom letterpress and die stamping. But here’s the great news: you don’t need to have a title or own a castle to get the look. With these Canva wedding invitation templates(opens in a new tab or window), you can recreate the timeless, classy attention-to-detail of the originals—without the price tag.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the real deal Royal wedding invitations (just in case you didn’t get one in the mail).

Invitations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

Note the use of white space, which adds an understated elegance to the design. The colors are restrained: black ink on an off-white card, with gold embossing and trim. Only one typeface is used. This is a trick used by a lot of professional designers to avoid a messy or chaotic looking design. Here at Canva, we suggest you use no more than two fonts in any design(opens in a new tab or window).

In this article, we’ll show you a range of Royal-inspired wedding invitation templates that you can use and customize for free in Canva. We’ll also let you know the fonts and images we used in the templates, so you can have consistent designs for all of your wedding assets, from your invitations(opens in a new tab or window), and save the date cards(opens in a new tab or window), to your menus and thank you cards. Because as any Royal wedding enthusiast knows, it’s all in the details!

How to get the look and create your own wedding stationery

The templates shown in this article are fully customizable. Say, for example, that you like the illustrations, but don’t like the color: you can change it in just a few clicks.

We’ve given you the details of all the colors, fonts, and illustrations used in these invitations so you can use them for your menus(opens in a new tab or window), thank you cards(opens in a new tab or window), and more. Simply search for the illustrations, or use the color and font pickers to replicate the designs.

Get the look: Navy Ornamental Invitation

Navy Ornamental Invitation

The fonts: Pinyon Script and Libre Baskerville

The colors: Ink (#292a3a) and cream (#fffbdf)

The illustrations: Divider ornament (Search “MACHwygt7_g”)

This sophisticated design draws its inspiration from the embossing on the Royal wedding invitation, with a Victorian-style scroll illustration lending an old world charm. Its use of a dark, ink-like navy background calls to mind restrained elegance, and the script replicates the look of hand-drawn calligraphy.

This look translates seamlessly across all of your wedding suite. Just look how perfect it is as a menu design.

Get the look: Gold Cameo Invitation

Gold Cameo Invitation

The fonts: Playfair Display and RosarioThe colors: Powder blue (#9ab6cf), gold (#a99551), off-white (#fffff9) and taupe (#5c5c5c)The illustrations: Search “profile” or add your own! Frame with cut corners (search “MAANdbaWau8”).

This classic design brings to mind the timeless nature of love. The use of white space neatly offsets the silhouettes, which evoke nostalgia and echo Victorian cameos. The cut corners frame brings balance to the design, centering the eye on the focal point: the wedding itself.

This design stands up well across an entire wedding suite. It looks just as good as a thank you card, as it does as an invitation.

Get the look: Pink Royal Wedding Invitation

Pink Royal Wedding Invitation

The fonts: Pinyon Script and Source Sans ProThe colors: Dust pink (#bf857a) and indigo (#3a3e4c)The illustrations: Watercolor background (search “MAAMxbd7Q4o”, add colour #ee826d) and decorative border (search “MABoWcYP-O4”)

This design seamlessly blends the traditional and the modern. The watercolor background and decorative border have an art deco feel, but the use of millennial pink feels very “now”. This invitation is simple and understated, giving the key details room to breathe.

This invitation looks fantastic when transformed into an RSVP card.

Get the look: Green Paisley Wedding Invitation

Green Paisley Royal Wedding Invitation

Green Paisley Royal Wedding Invitation

The fonts: Playlist Script, Glacial IndifferenceThe colors: Olive green (#80884a), sage green (#aab563),The illustrations: Vector seamless pattern (search “MAByvtgXY0U”), square with border (search “MAAMxcGkdTw”)

This invitation is a little more playful than the others, but still retains a classical look thanks to the paisley-inspired background and tasteful use of color. This design uses a calligraphy-inspired font that resembles hand lettering, paired with a chic sans serif font.

The design is no less striking when transformed into a Thank You card, which is sure to remain a keepsake for all the guests at your wedding.

More Royal Wedding inspired templates

There's plenty more where that came from: we have numerous Royal Wedding inspired templates for you to customize.

Feel like royalty with plenty of customizable templates and rich, opulent design elements to choose from to personalize your wedding invitations(opens in a new tab or window) at Canva.

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