1. Daily inspiration: 50 graphic designers to follow on Pinterest

Daily inspiration: 50 graphic designers to follow on Pinterest

Pinterest is the designer-favorite virtual corkboard that allows you to “pin” and curate inspirations boards using images from anywhere in the world wide web.

It could be the beginning of the end for creatives who thumb through magazines armed with scissors, but there's no need to grieve. Pinterest is an amazing place for discovery — you just have to know where to look.

To save you from scrolling down suggested pins for all eternity, we’ve gathered a list of 50 designers-slash-Pinners with noteworthy collections. Aside from designer-staple categories (like graphic design, art, typography, etc) where theypinpoint good design, these creatives also come up with boards on random personal interests and amusements, which would be useful if you’re feeling stuck and in need of fresh ideas.



Chris Dangtran | cdsimplicity

With its consistent black and white covers and highly accessible subcategories, it’s evident that Chris Dangtran took the time to systematically organize his content. There’s design, architecture, photography, and art, all subdivided by discipline and/or acclaimed figures in the field. He also has his fair share of unusual and unexpectedly relevant boards like Over My Face, Feel Like Sunday, and Urban Elements.



Daniel Nelson | fromupnorth

If you’re looking for a slimmer collection to peruse, Daniel Nelson’s Pinterest account is for you. The Sweden-based designer’s main areas of interest are design, digital art, and advertising, punctuated by unassuming boards dedicated to Star Wars, 80s art, and hilarious typographic boo-boos.



Essi | essi

Essi’s page overflows with color and quirky conceptual artworks and design (not to mention randomly recurring boards dedicated to alcoholic beverages). Also notable are collections with titles like Wee WiWo and What on Earth that you’d just have to click before you can even fathom what’s inside.



Jakob Kahlen | kahlen

Jakob Kahlen’s Pinterest page has a little bit of everything for everyone, but one would notice that his particular interest in interiors and furniture is always shining through. Out of his 43 boards, the ones on styling (both interiors and people), graphic design, illustration, and colors and patterns get the most attention.



Jenna Loraine Chambers | jennaloraine

True to her description, this Pinner has a lot of boards dedicated to DIY and crafts. (What’s not advertised in the description are the numerous boards on food.) If you’re looking for something outside the usual parameters of print and digital design, this is a great place to find inspiration.



Laurent Duserre | laurentduserre

A quick scroll down France-based designer Laurent Duserre’s design board reveals that he’s fond of crisp, clean-cut digital design. His Web Design board is extremely comprehensive, but Flat Design board is also worth exploring–especially if you’re looking for those crisp and clean-cut icons.



Mike Dew | tempspaz

Mike Dew has over 3 million followers and it’s not because of his fascination with affixing –graphy to words. Look through his choices in design and travel and you’ll know what we mean. If you’re in for a bit of entertainment, the accurately described Awesomeness board will keep you amused.



Jessica Walsh | jessicawalsh

Because she’s the Walsh in Sagmeister & Walsh, we figured she doesn’t need an introduction. To find out what inspires a multi-disciplinary and multi-awarded creative, check Jessica Walshe’s Pinterest page.



Stephane Sommer | StephaneSommer

Stephane Sommer’s page is a treasure trove of anything visual design (159 boards!). A lot of those are on UI and UX so if digital design solutions is your thing, Sommer’s page is worth a follow.



Toshiya Fukuda | 777interactive

Toshiya Fukuda doesn’t shy away from sharing every little, seemingly random thing that captures his interest. There’s a board for switches, brains, an extensive collection of maps, among many others, one of which might just hit you with that elusive lightning bolt of inspiration. But of course, the main highlight here is the bits and pieces on Japanese design and culture, which are always interesting.



Graham Smith | thelogosmith

One of the remarkable things about Graham “Logo” Smith’s collection is that it’s not just a straight-up gallery of pretty logos; he has a good number of pins that show the evolution of a logo design, including variations on its colors and applications. He is constantly giving his followers a glimpse of a designer’s process and visual thinking (or subconsciously reminding the designer not to get stuck with just one option). His collection includes ancient logos, timeless logos, and hidden gems—like a link to NASA’s downloadable style guide that’s great for reference (go fetch it in Logos & brand identity).



Joy Cho | ohjoy

Everyone loves Joy Cho’s unapologetically cute and colourful boards because they are an absolute oh-joy to go through. As the reigning “Pinterest Queen,” she has a whopping 13 million + users following her homey, crafty, and all-about-babies boards.



Pam Chien | pamchien

She’s been in advertising, marketing, and production—without a doubt, Pam Chien has been around. (She was even on Season 22 of The Amazing Race!) It’s no wonder her boards have such a wonderful balance of indoor and outdoor colors and designs.



Violeta Patolova | violetapatolova

Because she’s the head designer at Hanna Boutique, Violeta Patolova is a regular pinner of everything style, fashion, patterns and prints. But that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of graphic design and random inspirational collections–she even celebrates her Bulgarian roots in a couple of boards. (For English-speakers wondering what the “vkusnichko” board means, we’re way ahead of you—it’s Bulgarian for tasty.)



Bekka Palmer | bekkapalmer

Bekka Palmer spent her childhood alternating between her mom’s sewing room and her dad’s wood shop. Now she’s spending her adult life alternating between being a photographer, a designer, and an all-around maker. Aside from her nicely curated photography board, she has a wonderful things to make DIY collection that’s perfect for crafty Saturdays or DIY decor ideas.



Brandon Lesley | oomingmak22

They say everything is bigger in Texas, which is probably why Denton-based Brandon Lesley’s graphic design and typography collection is huge. But if you’re not in the mood to get happily lost in a Texas-sized board, the Shoppes, Sleeperies & Eateries collection should be a more succinct enterprise.



Derek Kimball | derekkimball

His Design Buddy title is not just for show–check out Derek Kimball’s Design Resources board and you will find helpful links to free fonts, patterns, and tons of instructionals. The logo, print, and branding specialist also dishes out daily servings of logo and typography references.



Sarah Jones | sarah_j_jones

Sarah Jone’s page is homey, cozy, and comfy, with a dash of whimsy. If there’s a special place in your heart for spaces where people gather, her Pinterest account is a lovely reference page on and for living and dining areas.



Oen Hammonds | visualnotepad

Oen Hammonds’ page is basically a collection of awesome things, dashed with a bit of vintage and sprinkled with some contemporary in all the right places. Add bits and pieces of Japanese art and design, and you have a very cool designer-slash-educator’s Pinterest account.



Aaron De Simone | luxe

Content curation is Aaron De Simone’s specialty. His Pinterest page seems to be an extension of his website, iheartluxe.com, a well-rounded collection of gorgeous photography, useful content, and good design.



Leah Dent | leah_dent

Aside from being a Futura Bold enthusiast, Leah Dent is a designer and the co-founder of creative agency, Studio Bomba. Back in 2012, she was featured by Marie Claire as one of Australia’s most influential pinners and the seventh most-followed in the world. Quite understandably.



Chad Syme | chadsyme

Chad Syme was an early adopter of IA, UI, UX, and IXD design—so if there’s an authority on digital design solutions on Pinterest, this guy is it. He also has quite a rep as tastemaker and social influencer, with VIPs like Oprah Winfrey and Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann among his line of followers.



Craig Leontowicz | craigleo

Craig Leontowicz runs a blog—brandingidentitydesign.com—where he curates “the very best in corporate brand design”. Although his Pinterest page has its own board for branding inspiration, it’s mostly his venue for other interests like home elements and spaces, notable people, and web themes (for wordpress, tumblr, bootstrap, and shopify).



Thea Kennedy | designquixotic

In her blog, Thea Kennedy, the brains behind Design Quixotic, specified that “My aim to show the beauty in both the ordinary and extraordinary through daily inspiration.” That pretty much sums up what you’ll find on her Pinterest page as well—beautiful design.



Jenny Strandberg | jennupai

Black and white dominate Jenny Strandberg’s thumbnail view but pastel shades of pink and subdued colors fill each board to the brim. Nevertheless, this Swedish designer’s choices on everything design is worth keeping track of, whether you’re a pastel fan or not.



Brent Fox | bigbluefox

Brent Fox is the art director of independent video game developer, NinjaBee. Just his Pinterest page is proof of it. Filled with character, animal, and environment design references, his page is also, virtually a collection of all kinds of illustrations–conceptual, familiar, digital, and traditional.



Naia Salamah | KimKimKim

Naia Salamah’s page reveals her multi-disciplinary background in design (from graphic to set design), with boards that encompass design, art, cinema, people, and places. The creative explorer is also the creative director of Compass Island, a design agency she co-founded with Folkert Hengeveld.



Jeff Andrews | jeffandrews

His specialty is logo, branding, and illustration, but Jeff Andrew’s Pinterest reveals that he obtains inspiration from all sorts of things—a lot of which are vintage, for some reason.



Amit Botre | amitbotre

With his charming write-up, “Why worry? I’d rather wonder,” Amit Botre leads us to his equally charming collection of logos, typography, and illustration. The designer, who hails from Pune, India, is also fond of gathering artworks by his favorites (like Maurice Sendak, Banksy, and Keith Haring, among others).



Kan Wei | kanwei

Don’t be fooled. There seems to be a semblance of uniformity in Kan Wei’s arctic-toned boards, but the pins inside will pull you from minimalist to maximalist, vintage to contemporary, eastern to western and everything in between. Click “follow” if you’re into surprises.



Maria Grønlund | mariagroenlund

The force is strong with this one. If you’re wondering what makes Maria Grønlund a Color Master and Design Jedi, check out her design project “I speak fluid colors”. Aside from boards that showcase her work and style—colors that metamorphose softly, almost seamlessly into one another—she pins regularly on designs she takes color and form inspiration from.



Alex Chrisman | alexchrisman

A decidedly masculine account like Alex Chrisman’s is an unusual find since 85% of Pinterest users are female. So if men’s fashion and style is your thing, this just might the Pinner you’ve been looking for.



Gary Swindell | garyswindell

Gary Swindell’s Pinterest page mainly cover: design, the female form, pop culture, illustrations, people and places. Should that sound like a combination of interests that resonate with you, then give this UK-based CD’s page a go.



Jun R | JunR2001

Though boards on graphic design or sports cars might pop up here and there, it’s mostly fashion, interior design and product design dominate Japan-based Jun R’s Pinterest collection.



Thomas Le Corre | thlco

Straight lines and framing devices take the spotlight in London-based Lead UI Designer, Thomas Le Corre’s Pinterest page. And keeping to this futuristic look, Corre also has a Post Human board on dystopian beings that’s worth checking out.



Anthony Neil Dart | anthonyneildart

Anthony Neil Dart can’t help but want to explore the push and pull between art and design (taken from this thinkdesignblog.com interview), even though some designers may consider such a thing taboo. This interest may have led him to collect esoteric-looking but thought-provoking designs in his Pinterest account.



Dominic Ayre | domayre

Dominic Ayre only requires 13 boards to showcase his special interests in typography, web platforms, design trends and pop culture. The Creative Director has a treasury of typographic layouts and experimental typography that all type enthusiasts must check out.



Dan Otis | danotis

Dan Otis takes a big chunk of inspiration from movie, music, and book graphics. And since the guy’s a designer at a digital creative studio, BKWLD, he also pins a significant amount of web and UI design sources. (Otis also does a bit of photography for fun.)



Kayla Meyer | kaylameyer1

Aside from whimsical designs and layouts, you will find a lot of animal-inspired elements in Kayla Meyer’s boards. She must’ve encountered a lot of animals while ninja training.



Malin Otmalm | malinotmalm

Fashion + interiors make up lululemon designer, Malin Otmalm’s Pinterest page. Her aesthetics are strongly influenced by Scandinavian minimalism “The idea of prioritizing simplicity and functionality, without eliminating beauty, has followed me throughout my life both personally and professionally.” (Source: http://costhlm.com/)



Danny Blanton | dannyblanton

Danny Blanton started out in sales before transitioning to design. His specialties are creative direction, clothing design, branding, and product strategy—all of which are reflected on his boards and pins.



Maia McDonald Smith | maia_mcdonald

With its home and personal style inspirations, Maia McDonald Smith’s page is almost like a cool but cozy moodboard for stylish living.



Marla Norton | pixelzz

Marla Norton loves providing resources for fellow creatives. Her design thinking, app&cal, and Pixelzz – Integrated Creative + Marketing boards are filled with infographics and references for designers who are looking take charge of their own business—or just looking to learn more.



Paula Cevasco | paula_cevasco

Paula Cevasco’s page is a feast for designers’ and non-designers’ eyes alike. She has essential graphic boards for browsing creatives; quotes, party ideas, animals, and fitness boards for the rest.



Rebecca Alise Williams | rebeccaalise

Rebecca Alise Williams juggles print and web, graphic design and art on her diversely curated Pinterest page. She even covers interactive print, calendar design, and maps, all handpicked for their purposeful design.



Rusty C. Cook | ohrusty

Look forward to crisp lines and clean edges when visiting Rusty C. Cook’s concise but worthwhile Pinterest page.



Kristina Miletieva | kpucu

It’s almost impossible to find a common denominator among Kristina Miletieva’s collection. Almost each board is an unexpected follow-up on the previous one. The only thing we’re certain of is that this page is rife with inspiration. Make sure to enjoy the unpredictability!



Megan Sundquist | msull15

To fuse aesthetic and functional engagement is Megan Sundquist’s objective when she’s designing. Her boards and pins on design consistently echo this purpose.



Kazuya Arakawa | kazuyadesign

You wouldn’t run out of eye candy on Kazuya Arakawa’s page. It contains an extensive and eclectic mix of visual inspiration, ranging from print and web design, fashion and interiors, people and places. Worth going through cover to cover is the 1,2&3 Color Graphics board for samples of creative use of limited colors.



Ruslan Maszkow | ruslan_mashkov

Last but not the least! This Pinterest page is actually the collaborative work of a happy Ukranian couple, Ruslan and Olenka Mashkov. That’s why their diverse, alphabetically arranged boards are just the right mix of curves and angles, pastel and vivid, his and her style.

Your turn

Creative work is borne from making connections between things where there weren’t any before. We hope “meeting” these new people via their Pinterest boards has given you something worthwhile to explore, learn, and create connections with. (Or maybe they inspired you tocreate awesome boards of your own.)

If we missed some names — which we’re sure we did — give us a heads up via the comments section below.

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