15 graphic designers to follow for endless branding inspiration

When it comes to building your branding, the best place to start is with some inspiration. Whether it’s a mood board(opens in a new tab or window), or your Saved section on Instagram, the best place to start is by going straight to the source, and seeing what graphic designers have created.

Currently working on a brand identity(opens in a new tab or window) project? Maybe you're in the midst of design work and just need a boost of design inspiration to get you through the day? We’ve collected a talented group of graphic designers on Dribbble who excel at branding design and will help get your creative gears turning. Now, take a look at these 15 stellar portfolios to draw some serious inspiration for your own designs.

Jay Master

Hailing from Austin, Texas, designer Jay Master(opens in a new tab or window)’s work spans the gamut from branding projects and logo design, to packaging and illustration work. Despite featuring a rough-hewn illustration style and a utilitarian, no-nonsense typographic voice—Master’s branding work retains a decidedly earnest charm that's both inviting and warm. His bright color palettes often unify his bold illustrations and typographic lockups—whether they're a logotype proper, or ancillary element of a brand’s visual identity.

Packaging exploration for

A design for an apparel project by Jay Masters.

Get the look of classic vintage beer labels that stand out from the competition with the Cream Vintage Floral Illustrations Beer Label(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Lauren Griffin

Based out of Los Angeles, designer Lauren Griffin(opens in a new tab or window)’s brand design work combines a deft handling of both typography and illustration. Griffin’s typography is lively and expressive, while her compositions possess just enough gravitas to keep everything visually balanced. Also featuring her brilliant custom lettering, Griffin’s work shows what's possible when a single designer operates as both typographer, illustrator, and letterer simultaneously—the results are sure to leave you feeling inspired!

Close crop of Pabst Digital Mural by Lauren Griffin.

The Lounge cocktail menu by Lauren Griffin.

Take inspiration from the classic lines and fonts of the Black and Gold Art Deco Elegant Cocktail Menu(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Do-Hee Kim

San Francisco’s Do-Hee Kim(opens in a new tab or window) is co-founder of Shoppe Theory, a multidisciplinary studio with a specialty in identity projects for online lifestyle brands. Kim’s branding work is whip-smart, combining thoughtful typography, photography, and spot illustrations into cohesive, arresting designs. Her logo design work is equally delightful—the designs are elegantly simple while being anything but simplistic.

Business cards for Revival Rugs by Doo-Hee Kim.

Do-Hee Kim created this 'save the date' card for a friend.

Get word about your brand out there with the Floral Personal Textile Designer Business Card(opens in a new tab or window) template. One side is bright and distinct to grab attention, the other side contains all the details about your business.

Alana Louise

Another member of Austin, Texas’ blossoming design community, Alana Louise(opens in a new tab or window)’s branding work projects an earthy ruggedness, as well as laser-focused attention to craft, often with an elevated take on the best traits of vernacular typography. Alana’s textured illustrations are strong, straight-to-the-point, and sharp as a tack, all while employing an economy of colors, and playful visual wit. Be sure to take a look at her striking work for outdoor brands, as well her packaging design and art direction for brewery clients.

Alana Louise designed this bikepacking theme for United By Blue' Fall 2019 collection.

This design by Alana Louise for the Bridgeport Brewin's Hop Hero IPA was based on the International Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon.

Vintage designs can go a long way. Check out the Peachpuff Vintage Illustrations Yard Sale Flyer(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Brent Schoepf

Designer Brent Schoepf(opens in a new tab or window) of Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers a visual palette that utilizes an array of geometric gestures, typography as texture, and a sometimes refined delicateness, but one that never feels anemic. His branding work is multifaceted—it spans from minimalist, monoline logo design, to ghostly collage-inspired compositions. It's this duality of approach and tone that make Schoepf’s work so interesting—it’s also a testament to designers operating as masters of honing multiple visual voices.

Astronaut illustration by Brent Schoepf.

Type lockup of River St. Joe by Brent Schoepf.

Put your stamp on your business with the Teal and Orange Badge Photography Logo(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Jonathan Schubert

Dallas-based Jonathan Schubert(opens in a new tab or window)’s branding and illustration work is expressively hewn with a patina of the eras of visual art past. Utilizing densely packed, engraving-inspired illustrations, flourishes, patterns, and typography—Schubert’s approach has a distinct richness that makes even the youngest brand feel well-established and worn-in. In addition to restrained, often burnished color palettes, Schubert’s branding work leaves no stone unturned—each project features a litany of different—but cohesive—typographic and illustrative lockups, giving each brand a vibrant well of visuals to draw upon.

Mix illustrations with typography to get a good look for your product, just like the Red and Cream Grungy Vintage Illustration Beer Label(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza

Creative Director of her Boston-based studio Ōyay, designer Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza(opens in a new tab or window)'s work is quietly confident—it excels at being impactful without needing to be visually boisterous. Lucey-Brzoza’s branding work often features stunning script and handwriting-inspired typography which offers an almost ethereal delicateness that lifts off the page. Her work for boutique hospitality brands feels high-end while still being human and approachable. Across all projects, Lucey-Brzoza shows a keen eye for typographic hierarchy, surgical splashes of color, and gestural illustration.

Simon & the Whale coffee cup design by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza.

Alchemy espresso by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza.

Jorgen Grotdal

A self-described type lover, Norway’s Jorgen Grotdal(opens in a new tab or window) displays that branding projects can succeed while employing an extreme economy of color. Grotdal’s work—which features intricate monochrome monograms, typographic swashes, and stippled line drawings—leans on the strength of its composition to make its impact. Whether part of print design collateral or emblazoned on a shirt, the branding elements developed in Grotdal’s design projects are dynamically composed, while remaining accessible with their hand-rendered spirit.

Clothing projcet by Jorgen Grotdal.

Well Cultured stamp by Jorgen Grotdal.

You'll both be chic and professional with the Diamond Lawyer Logo(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Lula Christman

The work of Vancouver, BC-based designer Lula Christman(opens in a new tab or window) should be a boon to your search for branding inspiration if you're in need of work that will put a spring in your step. Christman’s brand identity designs are visually effervescent—they're vivid and playful, with child-like energy, without straying into appearing childish. In addition to vivid color palettes, Christman’s design process showcases a knack for lively typography that’s not afraid to dance around its baseline, or embrace the quirks of its letterforms. Adding to these designs are Matisse-esque illustrations that add warmth and charm to the brands being built.

Lula Christman joined the daily UI challenge and created this email order confirmation receipt.

Another work for the daily UI challenge:boarding pass.

Choose a color palette that brings warmth to your deisgn, just like the Gray and Orange Boarding Pass Invitation(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Adé Hogue

Chicago’s Adé Hogue(opens in a new tab or window) is a custom lettering tour-de-force, and it's this razor-sharp skill that makes his branding work so memorable. The visual voice of Hogue’s lettering spans the gamut—from elegant formal scripts, peppy showcard lettering, to energetic brush scripts. Adding to this branding repertoire is Hogue’s eye for dimensional typography, which packs an additional aesthetic punch. In addition to his lettering mastery, Hogue is also a talented illustrator, able to augment the impact of his skills with an additional visual facet.

Designed with OutCold Marketing.

Cover for Andy J. Pizza's Creative Pep Talk podcast.

Create a label that leaves no room for doubt, like the Orange Teal Bold Handwritten Luggage Label(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Tad Carpenter

Partner and Creative Director at Kansas City, Missouri’s Carpenter Collective, Tad Carpenter(opens in a new tab or window)’s branding work is as good-humored as it is beautifully crafted. With designs featuring inviting display typography and bold custom illustrations as constants—Carpenter’s penchant for rich color palettes also imbues his character designs with charisma. But the attention-grabbing elements aren’t the only on-point aspect of the work. Carpenter’s eye for smaller typographic detail is equally as honed; particularly exemplary are his packaging rebrand projects.

Carpenter Collective logos.

Gig posters created by Tad Carpented in 2018-2019.

Have fun with your event and create a bold poster, just like the Concert Poster(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Mary Frances Foster

St Louis, Missouri’s M.F. Foster studio is the individually-run design studio of Mary Frances Foster(opens in a new tab or window). Foster’s branding work features an attractive balance of typographic sensibilities, and illustration talent, all which give wink towards the geniality of mid-century advertising design. Her brewery and restaurant branding projects are especially compelling, featuring smart, stylish typographic moves while still maintaining their respective functional needs, be it of dinner a menu, or beer ingredient list.

Worldly Kids brand elements.

MMBC Summer Street Fest.

Amber Asay

Los Angeles’ Amber Asay(opens in a new tab or window) is a designer whose work is typographically chic, be it for a publication, product, or packaging design. Asay’s typography is elegant and projects a boutique, upscale personality without being pretentious. Using type, her aesthetic voice ranges from understated and minimal, to densely packed and expressive. This typographic take is seen in branding identities, stationery suites, and labeling for a range of products—from coffee to jewelry to home goods to liquor.

Colette envelope.

Atelier Saucier.

Vintage elements can be fun and classy. Check out the Blue and White Vintage Lilies Product Label(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Steve Wolf

As head of the eponymous Steve Wolf Designs, the work of designer Steve Wolf(opens in a new tab or window) features colorful, geometric designs spread across a litany logotypes, packaging, and poster designs. Wolf’s affable identities are often complemented by eye-catching badges and illustrations, giving brands an extended aesthetic reach to be further seen. Wolf’s logo designs—and their breadth of character—are particularly compelling, ranging from the abstract to illustrative, to purely typographic.

Jungle SXSW Poster.

Seattle Northcountry III

Put together shapes and an eye-catching color palette for maximum effect, just like the Purple and Pink Design Technology Presentation(opens in a new tab or window) template.

Jessie Farris

Designer Jessie Farris(opens in a new tab or window)’ work features confident gestures; her branding chops—often incorporating pattern and collage—are the bedrock for a litany of her projects that effortlessly combine with her UI/UX and product design skills. In short Farris’ work filters through the multiple touch-points of a brand—from print identity to e-commerce to app—and in numerous examples, her nimble handling of multiple typefaces create rich lockups to frame out the rich graphic design suites she builds.

Dashboard Components.

Feel Good Pilates.

Your logo will be one of the first things people will see about your brand. Be inspired by the Charcoal with Brown Arrow Hipster Logo(opens in a new tab or window) template.

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