A showcase of 50 beautifully designed print invitations to inspire you

A showcase of 50 beautifully designed print invitations to inspire you

In a world where our phones are constantly buzzing, emails constantly pouring in, and e-vites constantly crowding our notifications – a personalized, hand-addressed invitation is a breath of fresh air.

Receiving an invitation in the mail makes you feel special, like you’re a truly wanted guest. It takes time to create the invitation(opens in a new tab or window), address it, stamp it, and mail it out. Creating an e-vite or event online and checking off a box by someone’s profile picture isn’t as personal, and doesn’t make your event feel as special.

With that in mind, here are 50 beautiful print invitations to inspire you for your next event.

01. Create Dimension



This invitation for the Nike We Run London race creates interesting perspective with laser cuts that then create a pop up scene. Some of the most iconic sites in London are portrayed, and the cream paired with the subtle gold gives the invitation a luxurious yet warm feeling.

02. Use Overlap


Behance/Roman Gulman

Wedding invitations don’t have to be boring. This invitation pairs beautiful floral illustration with simple, block-like text. The way the flora interacts with the text is interesting, as if the text is growing into it – perhaps representing the growth of two people coming together?

03. Play With Illustration


Behance/Thomas Danthony

This Christmas invitation for Liberty London features an illustration of the Liberty building. It is simple yet detailed, and the subtle gradients and textures help bring it to life.

04. Embrace Simplicity


Behance/Lize-Marie Dreyer

This save the date features South African Kingfisher birds and is inspired by the South African Bushveld. While the illustration is detailed, the text within it is very simple. This allows the two to balance each other out and work together, ensuring one doesn’t overpower the other.

05. Create Mystery


Behance/Carosello Lab/Enrico Caputo/Andrea Mastroluca

This invitation card for a meeting hosted by Pope Francis about sports and faith has an air of mystery to it. The black, unmarked envelope with the Vatican seal doesn’t imply quite what’s inside, and when you open it you only get a glimpse. As you unfold, you receive more and more detail. Only once you’ve completely opened the paper do you see the invitation card, bringing the process to an end and revealing the itinerary inside.

06. Be Organic


Behance/Grace Boyle/Unfolding Terrain/Anders Larsson/David Hodgson/Nora Mosley/Lucien Liz-Lepiorz/Corcoran Design Lab

The invite for NEXT 2015 Exhibition uses organic curves. This helps bring the idea of the work in the show – that it is dynamic and interactive – to fruition. The uniquely shaped edges help add layers of dimension to the invite as well, implying the multitude of work you’ll encounter at the show.

07. Relate It To Your Event


Behance/The Distillery

The Distillery, a creative studio in Sydney, hosted an event with live music and talks by designers and other creatives. They chose to make their invitation reminiscent of the event, and created a ‘vinyl’ record in a decorated sleeve. The sleeves and records have a wonderful texture, playing off of the textural sound you hear when listening to records.

08. Use Transparency


Behance/xavier correa

The invite for The Annual Art of Transformation uses transparency to reveal something inside. The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise money to revitalize the city, and the purpose of this invite was to show the transformation of the old Opa-Locka (where it is hosted) and the soon to be newly transformed city. The ‘window’ lets you peek inside and see the transformation that has taken place.

09. Have Hidden Messages


Behance/Carla Cobas

At first glance this invitation may just look like a well designed birthday invite, but if you look closely you can see something hidden away. The orange and its stem and leaves actually make up the number 50, which is the number of birthday to be celebrated. It’s an orange because the party is hosted in Valencia, Spain, and valencia is a type of orange.

Explore a wide array of customizable birthday invitation templates(opens in a new tab or window) from the Canva library.

10. Use Symbols

10 (1)

Behance/Maegan Brown

Perth furniture studio Table & Chair rebranded and renamed itself due to its growth and industry expansion. The new brand, Districts, utilizes shapes symbolizing cropped blueprints, tools, and supplier images. These symbols were utilized in their launch invite, and help to symbolize the notion of light and new beginnings.

11. Break Things Up


Behance/Mara Vissers/Lilian van Dongen Torman

This invitation for a business party held in an old submarine engine hanger incorporates the nautical theme with waves in the background. The text is boldly broken up, working well with the spacing of the waves. The text still reads ‘FEEST’, meaning feast, and the bold letters stand out against the background.

12. Be Innovative


August Blume

This creative save the date features an interesting insert that is actually functional. Inside the envelope is a small hang tag with the name and date of the event. The purpose of the hang tag is for guests to use it to mark their calendars, and it makes for a great scrapbooking piece!

13. Be Fancy


Behance/High Tide Creative

This invite is as fancy as the brand it’s representing. Honor, a high-end women’s luxury brand, created this invitation for their runway show. The luxury of this brand is depicted in the gold foil front and on the walnut wood on the back. It is rich, warm, and high class.

14. Go All Out


Behance/Ian Collins

This wedding announcement really does do it all. A number of wonderfully designed pieces relating to the outdoor wedding are tied together, providing a nice little package. The natural tones complement the messaging, and the subtle wood accents help tie everything together.

15. Make It Interactive


Behance/Joseph Veazey

A fun spin on a traditional invite, this invitation entices the recipient to discover the message. Fun pull tabs reveal the message underneath, and the fun, bright purplish pink stands out against the natural green.

16. Create Contrast


Behance/FOKFOLIO Elaine Fok

The contrast of the dark background with the gold text here truly makes the message stand out. It looks elegant and classy, just like the era the party is set in – the 1920s.

17. Have Different Variations


Behance/Nursolehin Yunos

The Singapore Mosaic Music Festival’s invitation for their 2014 show utilizes different variations of the same invite. While the message is the same throughout, the colors change. This makes the invitations seem more special, since you’ll get only one out of the three designs.

18. Be Unorthodox


Behance/Vladana Parker

Most invitations are standard envelope size, but why do they have to be? This wedding invitation is landscape, and longer than a regular envelope. It’s modeled after a boat boarding pass, since the wedding is held on a boat. The shape stands out when you receive it in the mail and makes for a unique experience.

19. Get Creative



This invitation design uses perforations. The perforations are used to allow the recipient to keep the most important information in a much smaller form, and can even be used to gain access to the event. Perforations are a great way to add texture and function to an invitation or flyer(opens in a new tab or window).

20. Package It Up


Behance/ARE WE DESIGNER/ONOGRIT Designstudio/99NOs Designstudio

The act of opening this invitation is involved, and makes it a unique experience for each person who opens it. Multiple layers are packaged up into a small folder, each layer having its own function – the outside layer, a map, and the event information. When they are opened and laid on top of each other, the patterns and colors work together and creative a cohesive scene.

21. Use Texture


Behance/Jasho Salazar

The watercolor illustrations in this wedding invitation add a soft texture to the design. The colors are muted and blend into one another, symbolizing the coming together of two people. The custom wax seal adds adds an air of elegance, and the dark purple color grounds the design together.

22. Make It Surprising


Behance/Esther Poh

When you receive an invite for an event in the mail, it typically doesn’t come in the form of a wooden ‘book’. More so, you don’t typically see a little wooden character inside. This invitation does both. Once you swing open the wooden door, the character is revealed, and the event info is displayed on the panel beside him.

23. Use Pop Ups


Behance/Joseph Veazey

These invitations for the Azede Jean-Pierre fashion show were handmade and delivered to VIP guests. When the invitation is opened, a three dimensional box appears. Inside the box is the invitation card and a frame of pressed flowers. The act of the box appearing makes this invitation very unique, and surprises the recipient when they open it and find something tucked inside.

24. Use White To Your Advantage



This save the date uses whitespace to its advantage. The text is imprinted into the paper, leaving a simple and understated pattern behind. A pop of orange in one of the messages stands out against the rest, and is complemented by the understated white text.

25. Make People Use Their Hands


Behance/Device Creative Collaborative

This wedding invitation invites people to get crafty. Inspired by their Native American themed wedding in the Arizona desert, this invite is shaped into a teepee when it’s received. Once constructed it is still readable, and serves as a decorative reminder of the nuptials to come.

26. Be Bright


Behance/Douglas Rodas

The invitation for the Female Artist Festival uses a bright pop of hot pink on the inside of the invitation to excite the recipient and have them assume the gender of the performers. Other bright accent colors are used in patterns to add texture and to offset the pink.

27. Make It Tactile


Behance/Natália Fanchini

This wedding invite features a cute illustration of the soon to be husband and wife paired with a band of ivory, silky material – indicative of a wedding gown. You must slip off the strip of fabric to reveal the message inside, and in doing so you feel the texture of the fabric. This entices the senses, and makes the invite much more sensory than the standard invitation.

28. Bring In Luxury



This invitation truly puts the luxe in luxury. Made for the high end and well known brand Louis Vuitton, it serves as an invitation to a new store opening. The origami structure of the invitation is delicate and feminine, and the use of patterns come together to create a truly stunning look. The subtle sheen in the patterns reflects light, and only adds to the luxury.

29. Use Cuts and Folds Creatively


Behance/Another Colour

This invitation for the Taronga Zoo fundraiser for sea lions uses folds and cuts to create interesting perspective. When you begin unfolding the invitation, it appears as though the sea lions are greeting you from waves of the ocean, their heads popping out over top. Once it’s completely unfolded the sea lions’ heads still stand out, keeping them in focus.

30. Break The Mold


Behance/Mubien Studio

Most invitations to any kind of event are typical envelope size and a single card. This wedding invitation breaks that trend and becomes more of a flyer. The invitation is folded up and slipped inside a sleeve. When it’s taken out and unfolded, it becomes reminiscent of a band or concert flyer, due to the graphic nature and color scheme – making it truly unique.

31. Have Layers


Behance/Tea and Hana

Creating layers with your invitations makes the recipient feel more involved while opening them. This wedding invitation has three layers – the patterned outside sleeve, the illustrated inside sleeve, and the actual invitation. All of the pieces come together to create a cohesive system that complement each other, and the simplicity of the actual invitation shines through.

32. Be Simple – With A Twist


Behance/Sandra Autukaite

This invite is relatively simple – it’s standard size, has simple type, and is printed on recycled paper. What steps it up a notch though is the metallic sheen on the type. It catches the light and reflects off of the natural, brown paper, creating an interesting juxtaposition.

33. Make It Something More


Behance/Tu Min-Shiang

This wedding invitation is an experience all on its own. The size of the invitation is larger than normal, the envelope is uniquely opened with string, and the invitation is actually a punch out that can be built into a house (which conveniently holds your pens).

34. Create Mystery



This wedding invitation is incredibly unique. In order to view the message, you need 3D glasses to decode it. It gives an air of mystery to it, since the information isn’t legible without the glasses.

35. Use Photography



This invitation is unique due to its use of high quality photography. The food and condiments look as though they’re sitting right on top of the paper, making the viewer hungry and desirous of the delicious food they see in front of them.

36. Utilize Shapes


Behance/studio plat

This invitation for Chun Changhwan’s solo exhibition, Burst, uses abstract shapes to create interest. The bright pops of color lend well to the shapes, and gives the invitation energy.

37. Give It Purpose


Behance/Marta Veludo

This Christmas invitation serves a dual purpose. It is both an invitation and can be recycled as wrapping paper. The abstract patterns and coloring isn’t overly Christmas-like, so it can be used for a variety of occasions. The tube presentation (like a tube of wrapping paper) is fun and lighthearted.

38. Be Graphic


Behance/Jamie Grasso

This fun pool party birthday invitation is flat and graphic. The beach ball and pool floatie pop out against the letters and background and add a real sense of fun to the invitation.

39. Be Romantic


Behance/Kailey Whitman

The delicate relationship between the typography and flowers creates a very romantic feel to this wedding invitation. The way the two intertwine creates a harmonious relationship that is carried through in the hand lettered type throughout the invitation.

40. Have A Metallic Finish


Behance/Vitaliy Kapustyanov

Something about a metallic sheen on a black background just exudes elegance, and what more could you want for your wedding? This wedding invite uses thin, golden lines carried throughout, and the main focus – the couple to be – is in thicker gold script. It draws attention to the couple, and it’s accented by the intricate illustration.

41. Personalize It


Behance/Christopher Strømmen

Beautiful blushed nudes make these invitations for a Max Factor beauty blogger event incredibly feminine. What makes them truly special, though, is the fact that they are personalized for each recipient with their name and photo. It makes the guests feel special and that they are truly valued by Max Factor.

42. Use Patterns


Behance/Paloma Dray

The pattern on the back of this ten year celebration invitation helps to add texture and balance the invite. The burst on the front of the invitation is simple and understated, not over done. It works to fill the space without being too spread out, and the golden accents help to add something special.

43. Include Something Extra



The actual invitation for this wedding was pretty simple, but how it was used and what it was paired with makes it quite fun. The invitation acts as a sleeve for a handkerchief, and the handkerchief features a cute roadmap with directions to the wedding. It even includes some sites along the way, making the wedding seem like a fun road trip.

44. Make It Truly Personalized



This baby shower invitation uses string to spell out the expectant mother’s name. The time and dedication it takes to do this is reflected in the invitation, and makes guests appreciative that they received one of the invites. The string itself is fun and playful, much like a baby shower.

You can also use this technique for your baby shower invitations(opens in a new tab or window) or to create baptism invites.

45. Tie It Up


Behance/Elena Bulay

Adding a small tie to your invitations helps add some dimension to your invitations as well as texture. This wedding invitation uses a rustic, straw-like material to add a cute hang tag. The hang tag acts as part of the illustration, and helps tie (pun intended) everything together.

46. Use Typography


Behance/Chase Kettl

This invitation uses typography in place of illustration. This typographic solution makes it easy to read and simple in style, yet still modern and up to date.

47. Bring In Elegance


Behance/Atelier Isabey

This wedding invitation is incredibly elegant. The gold foil paired with the intricate, filigree-like shapes is beautiful and lace-like. It is feminine, regal, and truly something to behold.

48. Be Cute


Behance/Morgan Ramberg

This invitation to meet a newborn baby is fittingly adorable. Animals and their smaller counterparts are interacting with the text, and the bright yellow is joyous and happy – which suits the occasion perfectly.

49. Break The Grid


Behance/Marta Veludo

This wedding invitation is unorthodox. At first glance it doesn’t look like a wedding invitation at all, but more like a regular party invitation. The brightly highlighted shapes fills the negative space interestingly, and the typography is handled very well. Some of the paragraphs have been turned on their side to fit the space better, which is refreshing.

50. Create An Experience


Behance/The Comeback/Yiorgos Yiacos/Dimitris Kanellopoulos/tind

Most wedding invites don’t come in a tin box, but this one does. A poster inside inviting recipients to a wedding features the future bride and groom on the back, and they’re encouraging you to color in the shapes and pictures on the back like a coloring book. Fun!

The next time you’re hosting an event or party, keep these invitations in mind. Sure, it can be easier to make an event online and send out a notification, but putting the time and effort into creating your own invitations gets your creative juices flowing and makes your guests feel appreciated.

You can create beautifully printed designs like the ones above quickly and easily when you utilize Canva’s invitation templates(opens in a new tab or window) – making even the most novice designer a pro in no time! Additionally, if you want to kick off the excitement for your event, sending your guests a save-the-date card(opens in a new tab or window) would be the perfect sneak peak!

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