Marketing 2.0: Effective marketing in the social and AI era

Make sure your organization thrives in the age of social media and AI.
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It’s official: the ever-changing marketing landscape has entered an entirely new era. Social media has changed the game with platforms like IG, FB, YT and TT. And now, AI has entered the chat. While managing both might seem daunting, the combination of both presents an incredible opportunity to increase cut through without the high cost associated with traditional marketing methods.

Putting social media and AI to work

At $5 to $10 per thousand impressions, social media is cheap and effective but comes with the complexity of multiple platforms and messages. Likewise, AI is also cost effective but getting your head around the tech and legalities can send you into a spin. Fortunately, Canva for Enterprise(opens in a new tab or window) makes it effortless to integrate the two, creating, designing, and publishing on-brand campaigns with ease. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the top four global trends in marketing for 2024 and we’ll show you how Canva can help. You can even delve deeper to learn how huge organizations like USA Today, Reddit and Fast Company are already using Canva to stay ahead.

The marketing trends for 2024

Marketing Trend #1: AI is changing the game

Overcoming the initial fears, we’re now starting to see how AI can make marketers and creatives more productive and elevate their workflow. From generating first drafts to simplifying complex tasks, generative AI enables new levels of creativity and endless possibilities.

Make AI work for you

Put the tech at your fingertips with Canva Magic Studio, bringing together the best AI-powered tools. Writing, image creation and image editing are just some of the ways marketing and creative teams use AI for content creation. Plus, you can build presentations from a single idea and generate social media content – watch the video below to learn how.

Delve deeper: Canva’s Marketing and AI Report

Surveying over 4,000 marketing and creative leaders across nine countries, the report investigates the digital marketing landscape and the impact of AI in creative industries. Read the full Canva Marketing and AI Report here.

Marketing Trend #2. Video continues to grow

In 2022, the global online video platforms market size was valued at USD 8.32 billion but is predicted to reach USD 30.24 billion by the end of 2030(opens in a new tab or window). While including video in your marketing strategy is a no-brainer, the challenge is creating high-quality video at scale.

Take your video capabilities to the next level

Use Canva’s professional video editing tool with customisable video templates to create professional content fast. Apply Brand Kits to ensure each template is on brand and lock elements so templates can’t be changed. Scale your efforts by inviting anyone in your organization to edit, changing captions, prices or language to alleviate the pressure on creative resources. Once you’ve mastered the basics, watch the video below to learn how AI can fine tune your footage.

Delve deeper: How USA Today produces video content fast

USA Today reporters can edit and publish video in real-time, keeping up with the non-stop news cycle.

USA Today teams use Canva to create quick captions, text straps and graphics for their speedily published videos. In the last 12 months alone, their Instagram audience has grown by over 18% to 3.1 million people while their TikTok has exploded 40% year-on-year to 1.4 million followers. Read the full case study here.

Marketing Trend #3: Brand building demands authenticity

2023 may have been generative AI’s year but it got audiences questioning everything they see. Not surprisingly in 2024, there’s a sharp increase in the need for trust and authenticity with 86% of consumers(opens in a new tab or window) believing authenticity is vital when deciding which brands to support.

Staying authentic in an AI world

Don’t think AI and authenticity can exist together? Use AI to kick-start the creative process by generating social posts, presentations and videos so the humans (aka your team) can spend more time on authentic messaging that resonates with your audience.

Delve deeper: How Reddit uses Canva to stay authentic

Reddit saved over 21,000 design hours in six months using Canva.

Reddit’s 267.5 million weekly active users demand constant content. By using Canva’s Brand Kit and Brand Templates, approved brand assets, imagery, and templates are available to every Reddit employee so they can mass produce content while still adding their own on-brand voice. Read the full case study here.

Marketing Trend #4: Omnichannel is more essential than ever

In the path to purchase,over 50% of customers engage with 3-5 channels(opens in a new tab or window) providing ample opportunities to connect with your audience and increase engagement. In fact, marketing campaigns employing an omnichannel approach report a remarkable 494% higher order rate compared to those launched on a single channel(opens in a new tab or window). However, it’s important to have a process in place to not only handle the creative output but also the stakeholders so work is on brief, on brand and approved on time.

Find the right words for any platform

Speed up the writing process with AI Magic Write. It can generate writing prompts, provide text tools and has a translation app so you can instantly create short-or long-form copy that’s suitable for each platform. Get started by using AI for social media post writing and you’ll be surprised how productive you can be.

Delver deeper: How Fast Company use Canva for integrated campaigns

Fast Company uses Canva to streamline team collaboration and design workflow, everything from sharing designs to receiving client feedback and managing approvals.

Mastering the ever-changing marketing landscape

Whether your focus is AI, video, authenticity or omnichannel, hopefully you’re now feeling far more in control of how you and your team can be more effective, particularly in the domain of generative AI and social media marketing. But remember, there are plenty of other ways Canva can help marketing departments succeed in an ever-changing landscape. To learn more about how to enable your team or organization to create, collaborate and publish visual content at scale, take a look at what Canva can do for your organization.

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